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Lens and how they magnify?

a lens magnifies an object by using the pupal of your eyes and the glass from the lens to look up close.. a lens magnifies an object by using the pupal of your eyes and the g ( Full Answer )
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What is a lens?

The Last answer you had was terrible, if you would like a better one, you should be glad that i found this question. Definitions of lens on the Web: . a transparent optical ( Full Answer )
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What is a lens element?

A camera lens is actually made up of many smaller lenses; from one to twelve (or more, depending on the application). A lens element is just one of the many others that is ins ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of the lens?

The lens is a clear, flexible structure that focuses light onto the back of the eyeball. The ability of the human eye to "see" is interdependent upon all of its parts. The ( Full Answer )
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What is a bifocal lens?

A bifocal (bi means two) is a lens that has two different prescriptions cut in it.
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What is a lens aperture?

The lens diaphragm opening inside a photographic lens is referred to as Aperture. The size of the diaphragm opening in a camera lens regulates the amount of light that can pas ( Full Answer )
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What type of lens is the lens of your eye?

The lens in the human eye is a convex lens, but it is flexible andwhen it is acted on by the ciliary muscle around it, the lens canbe "flattened" to change the focus, or, when ( Full Answer )
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What are lens?

A lens is something that transmits and refracts light. Someexamples of where you can find lenses are your eyes and cameras.
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What is concave lens?

a lens that caves in like this )( as opposed to convex which puffs out like this (). a concave lens. it is used to bend and focus light
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Which type of lens is the eye lens?

The eye lens is called the optic lens, it focuses light like a camera lens. The two are very alike. Hope that answers the question, Danielle
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Why is a convex lens a converging lens?

The light entering a convex lens is bent (refracted) towards the center (axis) of the lens. In a divergeing lens, the light is refracted outward away from the axis.
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What is a 10x lens?

It is a lense with a magnification factor of 10. In simple terms it makes the image appear 10 times the size as the object.
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Is a hands lens a convex lens?

If you mean a hand "magnifying glass", like the one used to inspectstamps, examine diamonds, or enlarge fine print, then yes, that's a convexlens.
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What is the role of the lens?

The role of a lens is to converge and or diverge light depending on the shape of the lens.
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What is the lens in your eyes?

the lerns i you eyes are the contct lens it help you see at any way you wan it
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What does the crystalline lens do?

The crystalline lens is part of the refracting system of the eye and in addition to the cornea helps focus light onto the retina. The lens can also alter shape (accommodati ( Full Answer )
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How convex lens is a converging lens?

The fact that we observe in case of refraction through prism is, the ray gets bent or deviated towards the base of the prism. So in case of a convex lens you can imagine many ( Full Answer )
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What are laser lens?

The laser lens is a piece of glass above the laser to help it focus on the media (CD/DVD), just like the lens in a pair of glasses help our eyes focus on whatever we are looki ( Full Answer )
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What are concave lens and convex lens?

A concave lens is a diverging lens,if rays of light are focused on it (parallel to principal axis) ,practically it will be appearing to meet at the focus, but the real light ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your contact lens out?

pull the lower eyelid down, hold the lens between your index finger and thumb and simply pull it out.
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What is a galatic lens?

Probably this refers to a galaxy acting as a gravitational lense - i.e., changing the direction of light behind it.
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Why will a lens magnify?

This is related to a change in the direction of the light - this is called refraction.
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What does the lens do in the eyeball?

A transparent device of the eye that focuses light rays entering through he pupil to form an imagine on the retina.
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How do you get a contact lens out?

Any easier way is to use contact lens remover which can be used for soft and hard contact lens.
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What is a focus of the lens?

The distance at which the light rays bent by the lens (or mirror) converge into a coherent image.
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What has a convex lens?

Ok, convex lens are lens that reproduce over night and mate with one another to make more organisms. I hope you find this answer just right and good luck with homework! ~Diana ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of a lens?

A lens has many uses. With the right shape a lens can correct someones eye sight or with multiple lens you could even make a telescope. But for all uses of a lens it comes ( Full Answer )
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Does fresnel lens is a convex lens? is a plano-convex lens....wid grooves cut in it on is very very thin as compared to a simple convex lens
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How do you spell lens?

The spelling "lense" is used as a variant of the informal verb lens , meaning to film or examine. The noun is spelled lens (singular), or lenses (plural).
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What shape is a lens?

a shape of a lens is curved outwards and concave one are curved in wards
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What is lens distance?

Lens distance is basically the distance from the lens to the film. This is determined when the lens is focused to infinity and is sometimes called the focal length.
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What does the lens do on an eye?

It makes an image to fall on the retina. For this function the thickness of the lens is changed according to the distance of the object.
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What do lens do with light?

If the lens is convex type than light rays would be converged andif it is a concave type then rays would be diverged. Hence alreadyconverging rays would be further converged b ( Full Answer )
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What is a diverging lens.?

are lines that means they are getting farther apart and will nevercross or intersect ANS 2 - You mis-read that, - the questioner said LENSES not 'lines'
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What does the lens in an eye do?

Light from a single point of a distant object and light from asingle point of a near object being brought to a focus by changingthe curvature of the lens. The lens is a transp ( Full Answer )