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Who is Len Bias?

Len Boas died of Cocaine overdose. Len Bias (not Boas) was number #2 overall pick in the NBA draft and was ACC player of the year, would have likely been a hall of famer (will (MORE)
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Who is Len wickwar?

He is a lightweight boxer from England who holds the world record for mosr professional boxing matches.
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Does Len like Kohoko?

yes he really likes her his expressions always show that he loves her alot and i think they both end up together and i really want them to get together

Is Len Kagamine a boy or a girl?

Len Kagamine is a 14-year-old boy voice created by the Vocaloid 2 speech synthesizer. He is the male mirror (male twin) of Rin Kagamine (female voice created by Vocaloid). (MORE)

What is a Convex lens-?

A convex lens is a converging lens. When parallel rays of light pass through a convex lens the refracted rays converge at one point called the principal focus.
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What is a diverging lens.?

are lines that means they are getting farther apart and will nevercross or intersect ANS 2 - You mis-read that, - the questioner said LENSES not 'lines'