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What does less-benign mean?

The word benign means that a disease or tumor is not harmful or notcancerous. The phrase less benign would mean that it is not cancerand not harmful so it does not need to fur (MORE)
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What are suffixs -less?

loveless,dateless,planeless,plainless and by the way if using this for home work you are just CHEATING YOURSELF!
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Who is janel lessing?

Janel is the daughter of Gunthur Lessing, an early employee of Walt Disney Studios.
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Why kick-less cable calls kick-less cable?

A kickless water cooled cable includes six alternate polarity conductor strands and paired terminal lugs at each end which are semi-circular and mutually insulated along a dia (MORE)
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The road ''less traveled''?

The road less traveled means the way of good,truth and straight forwardness that is followed by very least people.
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What words that ends in suffix -less?

Hopeless, joyless, brainless, heartless, endless, faultless, worthless, priceless, useless and there's lots more.
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What are words that end in the suffix -less?

The Scrabble dictionary contains 740 words like that. Here are 50 of the more common ones: ageless aimless airless artless backless baseless beardless blameless bless bloodl (MORE)
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Can you list out fat-less foods?

1. Corn flakes 2. Fruits and veggies 3. chappaty ( partially fat-less) 4. Oats 5. butter milk from skimmed milk 6. Geno
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What is a flight-less bird?

if you mean what does it mean it means it can't fly. but if you want examples there are dodo birds (extinct) and ostrich.
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What does impact-less printing mean?

That there is nothing impacting the paper. For example in an old type writer the keys would strike the page, this is impact. In an impact-less print, the ink is placed on the (MORE)
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How do you cook gas-less beans?

If these are dried beans I like to soak them from the night before, that seems to help. And that is also what I do when I make bean and ham soup.
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When did Bruno Lessing die?

Bruno Lessing died on April 29, 1940, in Tucson, Arizona, USA.
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When was Erich Lessing born?

Erich Lessing was born on July 13, 1923, in Vienna, Austria.
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When was Ernst Lessing born?

Ernst Lessing was born on May 11, 1870, in Berlin, Germany.