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Lessee remedies for retaliatory eviction?

Tenant may raise affirmative defense during eviction (to obtain stay), and may also assert retaliation in separate suit for damages resulting from illegal eviction.
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Does the owner of a commercial building need additional building fire insurance on top of the lessees building insurance?

Answer . Absolutely. The lessees carry insurance on their contents only. The building owner carries insurance that covers the entire structure in the event of catastrophic ( Full Answer )
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Tenant vs lessee vs lessor?

Tenant and lessee are the same thing, they are a person who rents property from a lessor who own property that he wants to lease.
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What is the What is the difference between lessor and lessee?

a lessor is the owner, the one who borrows someone something and the lessee is the user, the borrower. I do understand that you may be trying to assist ?students, in your res ( Full Answer )
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What is the significane martin v hunters lessee?

it established the supremacy clause in that the supreme court had the final say in all appellate cases and that its ruling was above that of the states
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What is agricultural lessees and share tenants?

These are people who are using another person's land in order tofarm. They will give an agreed upon amount or part of the crop touse the land.
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When a lessee sells leased equipment to a third party the lessor cannot under any circumstances recover the equipment from the buyer?

Wrong. If the lessee sells equipment to someone else that does not belong to him then it becomes stolen equipment. Then the buyer is in possession of stolen equipment. If the ( Full Answer )
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What is the significant martin v hunters lessee?

The significance of Martin v Hunter's lessee deals with the power of state and federal courts. This case established that the Supreme court (federal) has supremacy over state ( Full Answer )
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Where to find lessee v dorrance 1795?

The Supreme Court case VANHORNE'S LESSEE v. DORRANCE, 2 U.S. 304 (1795), is found at I am providing the link to the case listed below.
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What are some antonyms for the word 'lessee'?

One of the best antonyms for the word lessee would be landlord. Lessee would be the person renting so the opposite would be the person who is offering the place to rent.