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Who is Leanni Lei?

Leanni Lei born June 6, 1974 (is Filipino) started out in p**n, took a sabbatical, moved to California with her parents and became an exotic dancer and got into hard core p**n (MORE)
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Is there a Vivien Lei?

Answer . Vivien Leigh is an actress. She played in the movie 'Gone with the Wind"
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What does lei mean?

in Hawaii a garland of flowers generally worn about the neck
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What is a lei?

It's a necklace made out of flowers commonly known in Hawaii.
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Who is the maker of lei?

the one and only Taylor swift made the great clothing line for wal-mart
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What are leis made of?

A lei is generally made of flowers, which are usually fake. The kind you can buy for about fifty cents are cheap paper or occasionally fabric flowers.
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Where can you buy lei?

Cynjo Creations Inc. creates handcrafted heirloom leis. They create both Hawaiian nut and shell leis as well as leis made from yarn. These custom leis last forever and can be (MORE)
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Where does lei come from?

A Lei is a necklace of flowers usually worn in Hawaii. You may see Hawaiians wearing them while doing the hula.
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What does lei spell?

Lei is a Hawaiian word for wreath or garland. A lei is usually worn around the neck as a necklace of flowers and is is a sign of affection or welcome.
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What is a Lei in Hawaii?

A fresh flower garland to wear/display around your neck portraying a new comer to Hawaii adorning the Spirit of Aloha.
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Is Milton of leys a real place?

yes it is it is about 5mins out of inverness whih is in sotland e-mail me for more at
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How old is Kaylani Lei?

"Kaylani Lei" (Ashkley Spalding) is 37 years old (birthdate: August 5, 1980).
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What rhymes with lei?

Bay . Gray . Spray . Yay . Day . Gay . May . Pray . Prey . Way . Hey
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What is chamber-ley?

Camberley is a town in Surrey, England, situated 31 miles (50 km) southwest of central London, in the corridor between the M3 and M4 motorways. The town lies close to the bor (MORE)