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What is the elevation of Lima?

what is the elevation of major cities in Peru? Where can I easily type in city name and get simple elevations above sea level - both international and USA domestic???
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What is lima?

It is the capital and largest city of Peru.
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What is a suburb of Lima?

Miraflores is an upscale suburb of Lima, Peru. Source: My Spanish I book. Yep.
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What state is lima in?

There is a Lima Ohio.. \nits not a state! its a country, PERU. It's tha capital of Peru
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What was Lima?

you must be refering to the capital of Peru in south america.
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Are alpaca in lima?

Yes, you can find some Alpacas in Lima, but only about 1% of all the Alpacas are located in Lima. Puno is the place in Peru where you will find about 55% of the whole Alpaca (MORE)
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What is a lima loser?

Whoever did not win at a bean eating contest.
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Where is Lima Peru?

Lima is the capital of Peru, a country on the Pacific (northwestern) coast of South America. Lima is located on the coast in south central Peru, about 250 miles south of Quito (MORE)
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Is a lima strong?

yes a lima is very strong it is also afraid of pumas and the can climb very well