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Do Lima Beans grow in Sand?

no it does not because it would be to rocky. no but they sure growon DOGCRAP
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Does coffee grow lima beans?

Coffee does not grow lima beans. However, used coffee grounds canhelp lima beans grow properly. When combined with fertilizer andother soil additives, coffee grounds can help ( Full Answer )
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Is Lima an attraction in Peru?

Of course, Lima is a mixed pot of all Peru. It is historic because it has its roots in Inca`s Empire and the spaniers rule. Also, it is modern and beautiful with nice beaches. ( Full Answer )
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Why is Saint Rose of Lima a saint?

Saint Rose of Lima was a very kind person indeed. Her faith in God came at a very young age, and she accepted everything she had to do. She worked hard at her faith, did every ( Full Answer )
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What is the elevation of Lima?

what is the elevation of major cities in Peru? Where can I easily type in city name and get simple elevations above sea level - both international and USA domestic???
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What is the population of people in Lima Peru?

Lima is the largest city in Peru and is also the capital. Thepopulation of Lima is 7,605,742. The city covers an area of 1,031.8square miles.
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How do you cook lima beans?

Lima beans are cooked in a kettle/pot by putting water inside the container together with the beans.It is better cooked in low heat but it takes a long time.
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Who is Carolyn W Lima?

CAROLYN W. LIMA is former Children's Librarian, San Diego Public Library, Branch Libraries Division, San Diego, California.. she wrote. A to Zoo : Subject Access to Children ( Full Answer )
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Carolyn w lima?

Carolyn W. Lima in the co-author of "A to Zoo". It is a subjectguide to picture books and was published in 2010.
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Is Lima beans a starch or vegetable?

It is a vegetable that is a starch. Just as a potato is a vegetable that is also a starch. Same goes for corn and various beans.
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What is the population in lima Peru?

The population in Lima Puru is about 9 million, being the mostpopulous metropolitan area of Peru.
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Who is Adrianna Lima?

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model famous for her work in Victoria's secrets and with Maybelline Cosmetics.
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Does salt kill lima beans?

No, there is not any information that suggests salt kills Limabeans. However, too such salt on a Lima beam plant may damage it.
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What state is lima in?

There is a Lima Ohio.. \nits not a state! its a country, PERU. It's tha capital of Peru
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Are alpaca in lima?

Yes, you can find some Alpacas in Lima, but only about 1% of all the Alpacas are located in Lima. Puno is the place in Peru where you will find about 55% of the whole Alpaca ( Full Answer )
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Is Lima a Biblical city?

Lima is not a biblical city, however it is home to St. Rose of Lima, the first person from the Americas to be granted Sainthood. She was born in the year 1586, died in the yea ( Full Answer )
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Is Adriana Lima lesbian?

No she is not. She is very happy with her husband, Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić.
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Is there another name for lima beans?

While it's commonly known as a lima bean or butter bean it is also known as Haba bean , Pallar bean , Burma bean , Guffin bean , Hibbert bean , Sieva bean , Rangoon b ( Full Answer )
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Where is Lima Peru?

Lima is the capital of Peru, a country on the Pacific (northwestern) coast of South America. Lima is located on the coast in south central Peru, about 250 miles south of Quito ( Full Answer )
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How do you season lima beans?

I like to with salt and pepper or Creole seasoning, but, if your feeling daring try some Crystal hot sauce.
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What is St. Rose of Lima known for?

She is known for her piety, help to the poor and the severe penances and deprivations she subjected herself to throughout her life. She is also the first saint born in the Ame ( Full Answer )
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What continent is lima Peru on?

Lima is the capital of Peru, a country on the Pacific (northwestern) coast of South America. Lima is located on the coast in south central Peru.
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Is a lima strong?

yes a lima is very strong it is also afraid of pumas and the can climb very well
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Who confirmed St. Rose of Lima?

She would have been confirmed by the bishop of Lima. However, I can find no record of the name of the person who confirmed her.
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What was St. Rose of Lima known for?

When she was quite young she moved into a shed in her parent's garden where she prayed and made embroidered items and raised vegitables to sell. She used the money to help sup ( Full Answer )
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How do lima beans germinate?

First of all, soak the seed only overnight. Then, plant them right away in a container for the kids to see. Cover the soaked seed with about 1/2" of potting soil and keep damp ( Full Answer )
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Is lima Peru tropical?

it is subtropical, youll see palm trees though. Lima is a beautiful city the best way to enjoy it is not as a tourist but by hitting places up as if you lived there. go during ( Full Answer )
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Are lima beans good for you?

Lima beans are very good for you. They contain a lot of important nutrients, particularly fiber, protein, potassium, iron, and magnesium. The amount of fiber is outstanding. ( Full Answer )
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Was St. Rose of Lima martyred?

No, St. Rose of Lima died of natural causes brought on partly by the severe penances and deprivations she undertook.
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How many miles is it from Quito to Lima?

This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel, this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen. The distance between the two pla ( Full Answer )
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How far is Madrid from lima?

The flight distance from Madrid, Spain to Lima, Peru is 5,905 miles / 9,504 km
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What is the airport code for Lima airport?

The airport code is /LI, and is located in Peru. Usually the airport code of a place, is the first 2-3 letters of the place name, in this case this fits well with the Lima air ( Full Answer )