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Is Lita really seeing Edge?

I am not sure but i have heard edge is married so no Answer edge WAS married with val venis' wife Answer ur mad lita vill screw Kane. and she will go with edge iwill b (MORE)
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What did Kane do to Lita?

Answer . Nothing - stupid storyline - kind that ruins wrestling. Answer . He didn't really do anything to her. Just a storyline, mate.. Answer . Kane usually goes t (MORE)
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Will lita come back to WWE?

NO I DONT THINK SO I THINK SHE RETIRED ALONG WITH TRISH STRATUS,TORRIE WILLSON,SABLE AND LITA August 7, 2008 She may one day return, but Trish and Torrie have not retired, To (MORE)
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Who sings litas theme song?

It just feels right by Jim Johnston or if you mean the newer one its Lovepassionfury by boxcar
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Why did edge and lita break up?

WWE used real life affair between Edge and Lita as a storyline for television. However they were never married on television or off. Only Edge and Lita know why they really br (MORE)
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Where is Lita?

Answer . She Left WWE To Start Her Band The Luchagores She's Dating One Of The Band Members Apparently...
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Who is Lita?

lita is a women who used to be a wrestler in the WWF/WWE. She is a 4 time WWF/WWE Women's Champion. And her real name is Amy Dumas. She wreslted from Febuary 2000(debut) to No (MORE)
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Where is lita now?

She lives in Decatur, Georgia near Atlanta. She also has a radio show on Sundays at 9PM Eastern on Project 96.1, she also is the lead singer of the Punk Rock band The Luchagor (MORE)
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What does lita do now?

After retiring from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Amy "Lita" Dumas focused on her music. She is in the band The Luchagors . In April 2007, she accepted a job in Atlant (MORE)
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Did lita die?

No. She is currently in a relationship with WWE superstar CM Punk and has been for a long while. Also, she appeared on the RAW roulette episode with Pee-Wee Herman as a gue (MORE)
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Where is WWE Lita?

Lita is now in a punk rock band the Luchagors and she has her radio station called punkrockalypse on sunday's 9-10pm it is only found in the Atlanta,Georgia area
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Where does lita live?

The former wrestler, Amy Dumas, who went by the ring name Lita wasborn in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She currently resides in Atlanta,GA.
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Why did Lita retire?

Lita retired because of the way fans were treating her during the Matt Hardy and Edge feud. She decided to let her WWE contract expire and retire.
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Is lita wrestling?

Nope. She is touring with her band The Luchagors, which you can find on MySpace. It seems though, she is occasionally open to do one time stints on RAW(see RAW's 15th Annivers (MORE)
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Will WWE Lita return?

Lita went on tour with her band 1 year ago she has not returned to raw sence.There is really no date for her to return,every sence the day she left she has no return there has (MORE)
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When will WWE lita come back?

i dont know if shell ever come back but i think she quit to become a musician.
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Did lita have any kids?

I don't believe so, Amy Dumas (Lita) has never really taken a long hiatus from any part of her career or working life. Born in April '75 she was @ school/college until 93, she (MORE)
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What is a Lita?

she is a wrestlers {i think retired} teamed up with hardy boys a lot, and is extreame
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Where does lita come from?

LITA CAME FROM HER MOTHER . HAHAHA That Was So Funny . You DA. Lita Is From Sanford North Carolina
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Where is lita she?

In 2005 i was on vacaction at Palm Springs, she lives there, and she is doing well, and she was working selling Time Share at Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs, CA. She still (MORE)
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Who did lita marry?

well that's reallly complicated because Matt hardy asked lita to marry him but then him and Kane wrestled for her heart and Kane won but the baby lita was impregnated with was (MORE)
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Why lita retired?

People didnt treat her right.When she left the speech she gave she.....wrote it it is actually sad.
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What Sailor Moon episodes are about Lita?

episode #21 12+3 is when she first comes in episode #35 part 1 2 and 3 she falls in love major and ice skates ( she falls in love in almost every episode!) and that's all s (MORE)
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Is Lita dead from the WWE?

NO!! Lita is still alive, young, and healthy..... although still out of the spotlight she still has a long and hopefully happy life ahead of her.
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How can you talk to lita?

hi lita u are one of my fav fan do u still care for kane.
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Did Lita see edge dick?

no edge nevr took his boxers off and they werent a real couple jus a wwe storyline couple but Matt hardy and lita were a real couple
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What does lita mean in spanish?

The word "Lita" in Spanish mean Grandmother, from what I have heard from my cousins, because they are Spanish, well half. And they always say that Lita means Grandmother or Gr (MORE)
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What are the lyrics to mnohaya lita?

Mnohaya lita Mnohaya lita Mnohaya, mnohaya lita Mnohaya lita Mno-o-ohaya lita Mnohaya, mnohaya lita Mno-mno-mno-haya lita Mno-mno-mno-haya lita Mno-mno-mno-haya lita My vsim (MORE)
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When did Matt hardy met Lita?

they met in the match where it was essa rios w lita vs matt hardy w jeff hardy
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Why did WWE diva lita quit?

in interviews she said it was due to the disrespect she got from fans and how much hate she got for cheating on matt. but to be honest i think it was just a way to end a story (MORE)
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Is Matt Hardy and Lita gay?

only one of them can be for their relationship to work, so i thinking matts secretly a woman and lita's Bi
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Why lita quite WWE?

Two reasons. She was constantly injured and she wanted to start a band and tour with her music.
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How old is Lita gray?

Lita Grey was born on April 15, 1908 and died on December 29, 1995. Lita Grey would have been 87 years old at the time of death or 105 years old today.
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What is Litas age?

She was born on Sept. 19, 1958. In 2012. She is 54 and still fine.
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Is lita Ford divorced?

I heard on the Metal Show that she was filing for divorce in April 2011