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How do you hit a topspin lob in tennis?

Topspin lobs are a great tennis shot to have. A topspin lob addsdepth to your game and keeps your opponent guessing. Instead ofalways hitting them volleys when they are at the ( Full Answer )
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What does lob in baseball mean?

'LOB' is something you see in baseball statistics or a box score and stands for L eft O n B ase. LOB is the number of runners that were on base when the third out was made ( Full Answer )
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In which sport are there lets lobs and aces?

tennis. A let is when the ball touches the net when a player serves. If the ball lands in play it requires the server to serve again.. A lob is a high shot that is not very ( Full Answer )
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How many lobs does a frogs liver have?

some people say 2 but really a frog has 3 lobes in its liver. . but, the wood frog has 4 lobs because it needs the extra lob while it freezes
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What is a lob in tennis?

A lob is a shot which it typically hit from baseline to baselineand is used mainly as a recovery shot in singles as it goes high inthe air, giving you time to reset yourself, ( Full Answer )
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What is a lob wedge?

A lob wedge is a golf club with a loft of about 58- 64 degrees. Some people call it a highly lofted sand wedge.
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How far does a lob wedge go?

It depends how far you hit the ball generally, a lob wedge usually goes straight up in the air so not always too far. It can go about 70-100 yards.
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What does LOB stand for?

In MLB, the abbreviation of "LOB" means "Left on Base." This is only for batters to determine how many baserunners they have left on base after their at-bat.
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How do you throw a lob pass in netball?

To throw a lob pass you need to throw it just over the persons head so they can jump and catch the ball. HOPE THIS HELPS.
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What is 'lob' in tennis?

A high, deep ball. Like in any sport it is useful when trying to hit too high for the opposition to reach or receive well. For example, when hitting to a volleying player it ( Full Answer )
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What is importance of lobbing?

if you're shooting a gun, point a little above your target if you're a long ways off because the bullet will drop. every gun is different though. in archery, lobbing is the mi ( Full Answer )
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What does lobbed mean?

to throw up high or to take but i would use to throw up high
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What is lob lolly tree?

This a pine tree in the Southern US. It is so named because most of the branches tend to grow to one side of the trunk, giving it a lop-sided effect.
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What is lob stroke in tennis?

A lob stroke is hit with a low-to-high swing. It is struck to have a high trajectory, well over the height of an opponent at full stretch at the net, and to land near the base ( Full Answer )
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What is lob in badminton?

Hitting the shuttlecock high over the opponent usually when the opponent is at the net forcing them to the back of the court.
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The lob in tennis?

A lob is hitting the ball high and deep into the opponents court. . U tube has good examples
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What is lob ball?

A lob ball is a very large and soft softball. I think they are about 5" in diameter and are lots of fun. In fact, I'm in the market for one.
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How many lob-law stores?

Loblaw is positioned to meet and exceed those needs in many ways:convenient locations; more than 1,050 grocery stores that span thevalue spectrum from discount to specialty; f ( Full Answer )
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How did lob help sandy in the story lobs girl?

Lob helped Sandy by returning after the grave and waking her up out of her coma and saving her life! Lob helped Sandy by trying to get to her when she was in a coma. Once Lob ( Full Answer )
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How do you lob a soccer ball?

just get ure foot under it when u kick it and get the power right and it shud go in depending on whether u did u right or not.. or just have ure foot next to the ball and sco ( Full Answer )
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Where do you buy raw lobs in falador?

Before the Grand Exchange came out players used to appear in mass at the park in Falador to trade their goods. Since the Grand Exchange came out everyone goes there to trade t ( Full Answer )
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Who was the dog in the hospital in lobs girl?

I am not sure that lob is dead I think he swam up from the oceandunno ending was sort of weird was that like robodog or something?
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How do you return a lob shot?

Try a smash (Bang!) mad fun...... actually, u can return any way u feel comfortable; such as smash the Ball would do) or you can return a lob, or put a spin on the ball since ( Full Answer )
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Did Lob die in Lobs Girl?

No he didn't because if you read it it said a dog came back and thedog was lob the dog they found dead was a different dog that lookedlike lob.
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Does tom burtonwood get lobbed a lot?

It is not known whether Tom Burtonwood gets lobbed a lot. There is no information available to be sure. The name could refer to the artist of the same name or it could refer t ( Full Answer )
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Who are the characters in the book lobs girl?

This story is talking about a girl finding a dog called Lob that is lost, and nobody knows where his current place is.
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How do you lob on FIFA 12 on ps3?

Hold L1 and shoot at the same time, make sure you get a decent amount of power otherwise it gets no height at all.
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How many lobs in the lung?

There are 5 lobes in the lungs 3 on the right 2 on the left.
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Is lob a swear word?

To lob is to toss an object at a high angle without much force, easy to catch.
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What is a lob out?

Lob out is British slang for "throw out" As in "I am going to lob/throw out this broken table".
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What is lob scows?

Originally from Norway the dish 'lapskause' (Norwegian for meatstew) was the staple fare upon the ships of the 18th and 19thcenturies. It consisted of any root vegetables that ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Ravi Lob written?

Ravi Lob has written: 'Um ex-eleitor do PT em crise' -- subject(s): Partido dos Trabalhadores (Brazil), Political corruption, Politics and government