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What does lovita loca mean?

la Vida loca = the crazy life or insane! God is with u so u wont be crazy SOMETIMES! lol jk
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What does 'la vida loca' mean?

La Vida Loca is Spanish for the Crazy Life. It was recorded byRicky Martin as Living the Vida Loca in 1999.
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What does loca mean in Spanish?

La loca means crazy and mad(person as well as life). In this case, it would apply to a female or feminine subject - "la vida loca" - the crazy life.
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What colors do the Vatos Locas Gang associate with?

Vatos Locos(male gang) & Vatos Locas(female gang) are both Surenos gangs, which mean they are aligned under the La Gran Mafia, and all La Gran Mafia gangs wear the color brown ( Full Answer )
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What does you vida loca mean in English?

vida loca means crazy life and you is an English word nearly there, we did it in class. viva la vida loca means live the crazzy life, so it is basically saying you live ( Full Answer )
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Who is Juana La Loca?

She was the daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon. She was married to Phillip, who was the son of the Holy Roman Emperor. Her son Charles became Holy Roman E ( Full Answer )
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What does oye loca mean?

Hay crazy girl! Oye is the familiar command form of "oir", meaning "to hear". Literally, it is "listen!", but many times would be translated as a more general exclamation, lik ( Full Answer )
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What does la loca mean in spanish?

\nLiterally, 'la loca' means 'the crazy woman', but in Spanish slang 'una loca' may be 'a fag'.
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Essay question on vida la loca?

If you are asking for an English translation of "Vida la loca" itmeans "live the crazy." It doesn't completely make sense in thisform, but perhaps you are referring to the son ( Full Answer )
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Juana la loca was the daughter of who?

Juana la loca (Joan the mad) was the daughter of Isabel I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon.
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What is 'Vivo la vida loca' when translated from Spanish to English?

"I'm living the crazy life" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase Vivo la vida loca . The first person singular present indicative and feminine singular definite art ( Full Answer )
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Can you say 'Loca por siempre'?

Yes , you can say 'loca por siempre'. Perhaps more common is 'loca para siempre'. But both phrases basically mean the same thing. The feminine adjective 'loca' means 'crazy' ( Full Answer )
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What are the Spanish lyrics to 'Living La Vida Loca'?

La reina de la noche La diosa del vudu Yo no podre salvarme Podras salvarte tu? La tela de la arana, La una del dragon Te lleva a los infiernos Ella es tu adiccion: Te ( Full Answer )
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Is loca an insult in Spanish?

"Loca" would be referring to a feminine subject, otherwise it would be "loco". It means "crazy", and under most circumstances would be insulting.
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What does the song loca of Shakira means?

it means 'crazy' & the song is basically about a guy that used to like a rich girl but left her for a poor girl which is shakira, she basically won him over by personality ( Full Answer )
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Who sings loca?

Loca is a song written and performed by Colombian singer Shakira. It is the lead single off her seventh studio album Sale el Sol.
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Is shakiras song loca about shakira?

yes because in the song she sings and im crazy but you like it so its about her not a guy or her family its about shakira she is not gay
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What does tu estas loca mean?

¿Estás tú loca? = Are you crazy? Tú estás loca. = You are crazy. If the intention is to imply someone is truly mentally ill, the sentence would be "Tú e ( Full Answer )
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What does le hanta esta mi loca mean?

I think you mean "La genta está muy loca." Which means "The people are very crazy."
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What does loca loca siya mean?

"Loca" means "crazy" in femenine. "Siya" is not a word, I would say that the person wanted to say "c ya", like see ya, see you. But the other possibility, which to me is highl ( Full Answer )
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What does viva la vida loca mean in swedish?

The phrase "viva la vida loca" is not Swedish, but Spanish. Viva usually means "long live..." or" up with..." in Spanish, while "la vida loca" means "the crazy life". Therefo ( Full Answer )
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Is lemon la vida loca real?

No. The Spanglish phrase is "Livin' la vida loca" from Ricky Martin. "la vida loca" is "the crazy/wild life". In the song, Martin discusses dating a wild woman who drags him t ( Full Answer )
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What does the word 'loca' mean in English?

'Loca' is a Spanish word that translates to 'crazy'. It is most well-known in the United States as the title of a song by Shakira. Another form of 'loca' seen fairly often in ( Full Answer )
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Who produces the Italian product Vaca Loca?

The Vaca Loca products are a brand in themselves and their own company. However they are part of a larger company called AIBoA who own many other brands also.
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What was the film called Mi Vida Loca about?

It is about some young spanish people, growing up in a poor town, struggling with different life situations. They had to deal with friendship, family, and issues around their ( Full Answer )
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What does chicas locas mean in English?

This term means "crazy girls" in English. This term is used in Hispanic culture the same way it is used in American culture. The term is universal around the world.
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Where is the grand cayon locaed?

Grand Canyon National Park is located in Arizona. It was slowly carved out by the Colorado River and is as much as a mile wide and deep. People travel down into it via mule.