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What is hydro lock?

That is when a cylinder fills with liquid and will not move. Liquids will not compress like air so it will stop the piston and usually damage the engine
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What do locks do?

They protect people and things that need to be protected. They secure families and belongings. They keep important things from people that have no business with them. Locks o ( Full Answer )
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What is a lock?

A lock is device that prevents unauthorised people getting into something. Or to make something secure. It can also be part of a waterway to allow boats to change levels.
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Who invented the lock?

The first serious attempt to improve the security of the lock was made in 1778 in England, by Robert Barron.:)
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How do you get lock jaw?

Lockjaw is the common name for a bacterial disease called tetanus.Just search for tetanus or lockjaw. To answer the actual questionit is usually caused by deep cuts or wounds, ( Full Answer )
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Door lock will not lock?

There are a number of reasons why your door might not lock. Youcould have something stuck in the door for example.
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How do you unlock and lock a combination lock?

To open the lock you enter the combonation that comes with the lock and pull up on the shackel. to close it, put the shackel in the hole on the lock and push down.
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What are locks?

A lock is a mechanical or electronic fastening device that is released by a physical object (such as a key, keycard, fingerprint, RFID card, or security token) or secret infor ( Full Answer )
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How do you lock a tsa002 samsonite lock?

Set the combination: With the lock open, turn the shackle so it is 180 degrees from the locked position and push the shackle down. With the shackle pushed down, change the com ( Full Answer )
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What is a lock out?

A Lockout occurs when an unauthorized lock is placed on property to prevent access to an owner or legal tenants. This can happen accidentally where multiple locks are requi ( Full Answer )
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Does the lock pick hurt the lock?

No, not if used by a profesional with experinace. Alternative Answer: It's actually pretty hard for even a novice to harm a lock when picking it "traditionally." The lock ( Full Answer )
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Ignition Lock Cylinder is locked on?

The most common cause for this happening, is the retainer cap has come loose. On these types of ignitions, there are tumblers in the cylinder. On top of these tumblers are spr ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by 'lock to lock'?

I would take that as turning the steering wheel completely from left to right, from where you can't turn any further one way to where you can't turn any further the other way. ( Full Answer )
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How do you lock a door without a lock?

Method 1. Use something to act as a brace against the door such as chair or stick. Method 2. Jam a wedge into the door at the bottom. Method 3. Jam a book underneath the fr ( Full Answer )
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What are lock in lock out hubs?

On part time 4 wheel drive vehicles, there are quick turn locking mechanisms on the front axles that either egage or disengage the wheels to the front drive shafts coming out ( Full Answer )

How do you un lock the screen lock?

To unlock the screen lock, click the Home button, and then slide the slider at the bottom from the left to the right.
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What is a pant-a-lock?

It's a feature on the North Face's ski jackets that uses strips of material with poppers attached to the snow skirt that clip around the belt loops on ski pants.
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Why are there locks?

It's to keep the bad guys out of the most important things in our life like material things and of course, our loved ones.
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What are locks used for?

Locks are used for locking up a special item or at least very valuable item. For example a person who goes to school may use a backpack lock to protect their important things ( Full Answer )
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How do i lock my legs?

in wrestling that means to put your legs around someone and squiez as hard as you can and dont let go
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What is grid lock?

According to, " Gridlock is a term describing an inability to move on a transport network." "he term gridlock is also widely used to describe high traffic ( Full Answer )
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How do you lock slide lock your iPhone?

Go to settings (should be on your front page if you didn't relocated it) - click on general - then passcode lock.
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What did Alain Locke do?

Activist during the Harlem renaissance, sometimes referred to as the father of the harlem renaissance. He created a path for african american's by his book the new negro.
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What is inside a lock?

a key.......sometimes (IMPROVED) Depending on the type of lock there will be either pins and springs, or springs and wafers. Sometimes there's plastic or rubber grommets and o ( Full Answer )
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What is the lock capsule?

The lock capsul is a rare key item. the lock capsule is used to get the Pokemon ZOROARK's special move "snarl"/"bark out" - depending on what country you are in. To use it you ( Full Answer )
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How do you use locks?

u get the combination(3 #s) and do the combo. First turn right and match the number, then turn left twice and match the number, and then turn right and match the number. Then ( Full Answer )
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John Locke what did he did?

What did he do? He was a British empirical philosopher/physician of the Enlightenment era. Some key points - AKA father of liberalism, political thought, his ideas contri ( Full Answer )
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Does a vapor lock lock you in or out of your car?

Vapor lock occurs when the gasoline vaporizes between the tank and the engine. This occurs when the fuel line is routed around the engine so that the fuel is heated to the poi ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix auto door lock when locks don't lock?

This question is too vague to answer. Year, make, model - power locks? Key-less entry, or keyed entry or both? Quick "vague" answer - mechanic or automotive locksmith.
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What is a lock in a lock?

Most locks are simply mechanical puzzles. A lock within a lock is a secondary lock which is intended to increase the difficulty of solving the puzzle. It has the intention of ( Full Answer )