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How do you copyright a logo?

A logo, strictly as an image, would be automatically protected by copyright as soon as it was fixed in a tangible medium. To use it in business, however, you may also wish to ( Full Answer )
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What is a logo?

A name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece of type. For the source and more detailed ( Full Answer )
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What does logo stand for in the logo channel?

Logo gives the channel it's identity. And personally I think make the process of claiming copyright indirectly easier. We chose to name the channel "Logo" because we wanted ( Full Answer )
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What does a logo do?

Answer . Well, take Mcdonalds for example. You know the big m sign??? well when you are looking for mcdonalds in the phone book or wherever, its easier to find the big m in ( Full Answer )
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What is logos?

logos mean"study" or in philosophies it means "word" (in Greek) also "a cosmic oder that determines change.
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Logo of Infosys?

infosys stands for information system. it has two lines underneath the word infosys; powered by intellect and driven by values..
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How do you design a logo?

1. Do a lot of research. Make sure that you know your competitionand make sure you have an original idea. 2. If you are not creatively inclined, consult with a professionalgr ( Full Answer )
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What is the logo of cisco?

The Golden gate bride. Cisco was started by scientists at Stanford, which is located 20 miles from San Francisco and this is where they got the name also.
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Where to get IT logo?

It depends what you want. There are lots of options as well. You can research the subject and see what best suits your needs as an individual or company.
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Does Mensa have a logo?

Yes. It is an angular M, with a circle on top that looks like a globe.. The overall impression is of a globe on a table, though some might say it looks like a person reading ( Full Answer )
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Why have a logo?

So that you are easily recognized. People tend to think in pictures, and symbols are more easily identifiable. Now you ask me, "What does this have to do with having a logo?". ( Full Answer )
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What is in a logo?

Logo is a symbolic representation of your organization which is created on different software like photoshop,corel draw and flash ,there are many more way to get logo concepts ( Full Answer )
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Why is the oxfam logo the oxfam logo?

The Oxfam logo appears to consist of an image consisting of the 'O' and 'X' letterforms, which also serve as the silhouette of a person, and a ribbon to promote the humanitari ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a logo?

You can either get a graph Save ic designer to create one for you or design it yourself. To understand what a logo is meant to do, we first must know what a logo is. A l ( Full Answer )
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Why is the BHF logo the BHF logo?

The BHF stands for British Heart Foundation. Their logo has apicture of a heart with a pulse/heartbeat. The image is used toidentify the organization and the cause of their or ( Full Answer )
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Why did MacDonald's chose logo for there logo?

The Arches Are A Vital Role In McD's History. Once upon a time, In The 50s, A Guy Was Hired To Replace The First Logo. He Saw That If You Looked At The Restaurant At A Certain ( Full Answer )
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Why is the logo of the isabel hospice logo?

check out the link below, there u can see the logo of isabel hospice logo and i really like this design as it carries only to smooth colors and a fine composition.
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Where do you register a logo?

Once you are using the logo in commerce, or have solid plans to do so, you may register it with the trademark office in your country. Registration is not required for protecti ( Full Answer )

What is the logo for BMW?

It was believed by many to be a representation of an airplane propellor rotating- the companies founding industry - but it is in fact, a representation of the Bavarian Flag, a ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Portsmouth logo what it is?

The logo of Portsmouth FC is a crescent moon and star. Though an emblem usually associated with Islam, it is said to have come from when King Richard I, granted the city "a cr ( Full Answer )
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What is the logo for NBA?

Jerry West is the NBA logo. He used to play for the Lakers. For more bout him please refer to the Sources and RelatedLinks below.
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Why do businesses have a logo?

A business logo is an emblem commonly used by corporations to promote instant public recognition. Nowadays, comapny logo shirts are gaining popularity since they serve as the ( Full Answer )
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Who is on the NFL logo?

No one is on the nfl logo. It is just a football and the letters NFL. But if someone was on the logo it would probably be John Madden.
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What is the communist logo?

Although each communist country would have its own flag (with a logo on it), the communist logo in general (meaning most identifiable to most people) was the Red Star. Some " ( Full Answer )
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Who inventd logo?

Seymour Papert, a mathematical borned in Ginebra, that worked forthe univeristy en Massachussets. He invented the logo, or a betaversion of it, in 1967. For further informat ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Logo in NBA?

The NBA logo depicts Jerry West. He is regarded as one of the greatest guards in the NBA history.
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How did the flyers get their logo?

An artist by the name of Sam Ciccone designed the logo while working for the advertising firm Mel Richmann Inc. The logo is a winged 'P' with an orange dot in the center repre ( Full Answer )
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What is a logo and what is its purpose?

a logo is a sign that stands for a certain team or business. it could help lure people into their business. like the white sox have the Sox logo.
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What is the SAS logo?

The SAS logo is a two large blue lines swirled together with another pair of blue lines forming what some may call an "S".
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What is nationwide's logo?

"Nationwide insurance has a very basic logo. It is a white square with a blue thin border around the white square, with the word nationwide in white at the bottom of the blue ( Full Answer )
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Why is beetlejuice on logo?

Logo is doing a 'seven days of Hollywood sins' and they are using Beetlejuice as an example of greed.
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What is an appeal to logos?

We need an after-school program because 2 out of 3 students don'thave anything to do after school.
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What is the lambogini logo?

A raging bull. Inspired by the Spanish fighting bulls of Don Eduardo Miura, a bull-ranch owner.
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What logo has to cs?

i am not quite sure but i have been looking for it on the internet
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Where is logos?

Louise Erdrich says she has been enriched by her ancestors' tongue:"There is a spirit or an originating genius belonging to eachword."