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Where did lol come from?

Early mass communication abbreviations and acronyms came from Morse Code operators using telegraph lines in the 19th century. (Like SOS for requesting help.). More such abbre ( Full Answer )
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Who started lol?

You can't know. everyone can lie on the Internet so you will get confused and all, but still say lol for happy times. :) Best !
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How can you lol at your mom?

If you are meaning "mom" as "mum" then you don't just say lol, you start to laugh in a cute way so sheknows your not growing up yet O
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How is this web lol?

Lol stands for "laugh out loud". its a web code used to describe the typer as to "lauging out loud". Other similar web codes are Rofl, "Rolling on floor laughing", LOLZ is the ( Full Answer )
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How did lol come to be?

It came about with the net chat rooms, and is shorthand for "Laugh out loud". The reason for that phrase instead of "laughing hard" or some such was due to the keys "l" and "o ( Full Answer )
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What is a lol-cow?

I have no idea - do you mean a LOL-CAT? See related link for the cats.
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What does 'lol' stand for?

LOL stands for laugh out loud and it is mostly used for msn or some internet get to gether site that you can communicate with your friends. But remmember dont yous it at schoo ( Full Answer )
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What does LOL stand for?

There is one common use, but either of two might apply in some situations. Laugh Out Loud - You could say LOL if another person has said something particularly funny and yo ( Full Answer )
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How do you make lol?

Put a L then O then L. ITS NOT THAT HARD.. oh u know eat a stop sigh
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Why do you lol?

People use Lol as an abbreviation of Laughing Out Loud, its much easier to type and if you are texting and its a long one repeated use of Laughing Out Loud could cause the mes ( Full Answer )
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What is ley lols?

Ley Lols sounds like a very poor attempt to make internet acronyms french. Le lolz. Laugh out Loud
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What is lol disease?

Lol disease is when the person laughs every 20 min and goes on for a while and they can't stop it. After a while the victim will die due to his stomach acid mixing with his bl ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce 'lol'?

'lol' is not a word. It is an intilialized phrase. l.o.l. (Kinda like SOS.) Lol stands for Laugh Out Loud. Most commonly used in texting and instant messaging!
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What is lol rated?

pg-13 so technically you have to be 13 to watch it or you can just ask your parents to watch it
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How did lol begin?

lol was really a cool word then. people used to say it because they used to laugh out loud and you dont want to say LAUGH OUT LOUD coz its tooo long so ppl say LOL haha lol i ( Full Answer )
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What does u can lol have?

lol cats, lol dogs, cute animals, funny foods, fails, comics, video game lolz, derps, lol puns, funny graphs, and an excess amount of stuff
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How to get a life lol?

hmmm. Go to school/college get involved with sports/church/events meet people do stuff get a job a spouse some kids and pets. yupp
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How do you used lol?

if someone tells u a joke (ex. a waitress asked a blonde:"do u want your pizza cut in 6 pieces or 12 ?" the blonde says:"6pieces i could never eat 12" so then u say lol if i ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning for lol?

Some people think it actually means Lots of love, but it is actually Laugh/ing Out Loud.
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What is lol mans?

Laught out loud No... its Laugh out loud LOL you dont know! jking.... your cool.....
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What is the movie LOL about?

LOL is a 2012 American coming of age comedy-drama-romance filmdirected by Lisa Azuelos, written by Azuelos and Kamir Aïnouz. Thefilm is a remake of the 2008 French film LOL ( Full Answer )
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Lol the nam?

Lol is not a name. It has two different meanings . Laugh Out Loud . Lots Of Love LOL is not a name.
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How does lol work?

'Laugh Out Loud' a term for phones and computer to save characters in a phone case to save money
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How do you get on the lol cam?

Its a app on facebook. thelolcam. (you have to have a WEBCAM) INSTRUCTIONS: -go on your facebook account/ make one -type in thelolcam in the box above -click yes to o ( Full Answer )
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What is a cuetip lol?

Its a thing that you can put in your ear or paint with etc. And there is no reason to put laugh out loud (lol) I mean really just saying!
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Is lol funny?

Yes because LOL means Laugh Out Loud and if someone says that something funny must of happened!
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How do you get to lol limewire?

Easy, by the way, its so catchy your going to end up looking at your screen forever, type in lol limewire in Google BUT DONT CLICK SEARCH! click I'm feeling lucky on the same ( Full Answer )
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Is 'lol' sarcastic?

it can be sometimes but most of the time it's not people usaly mean it & BTW lol stands for laugh out loud
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Who is elevator lol?

Well There Is A An Elevator What U Use To Go Up And Down Ussaly In Bulidings But Ive Never Heard Some One Called Elevator??.
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Where can you play lol?

Download league of legends from their official site. If you wantto give people your link, message them with your referral link orask them to put your name down as a referral. ( Full Answer )
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Wath is lol?

if mean what is lol it usually means: laughing out loud or lots of love i think there r more but these r the mist commonly used one check it on wikipedia
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What is lol about?

LOL stands for laugh out loud it only comes when people say jocks to make u laugh and have fun my bff always says Lol girls
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What does lol mean-?

Lol is an acronym for "laugh out loud". It is commonly used inmessaging and on the internet.
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What are Lol and Apk?

Lol can mean a variety of things, such as laughing out loud orLeague of Legends. APK likely refers to the file format for Androiddevices.
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Is LOL an adjective?

Not usually. It is textspeak, an acronym for "Laughing Out Loud"and represents a declarative statement. However, colloquially onecould refer to a "LOL moment" (i.e. when reali ( Full Answer )