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What is a lolcat?

itz ah pichor or an animal and it has writing on it .. often misspelt ..and makes the picture seem more funny than it is... nom nom nom ..when a cat is eating.... drugz iz ( Full Answer )
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What is lolcat?

LOLCAT is one of the many internet memes, but this one consists of an entirely new language. is a great website to see many LOLCAT pictures.
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Are you a lolcat?

yes...yes i am --- I am too. ------------ me to BOW DOWN TO MY LOLCAT POWA! strange people u r. -jsn.wndsr
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What is lolcats?

Lolcats are a brand that do pictures of cats that have slang catchphrases and crazy pictures that go along with it. Like 'I can has cheezburger?' and it shows a fat cat with ( Full Answer )
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Who made lolcats?

It is undetermined, but originated with the "capshunz." But funny cat pictures date back as far as 1850, but it's just recently that they've become popular interne ( Full Answer )
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How do you enter the house on LOLCats Escape?

First click on the cat in the left corner of the screen, then get the key from under the right corner of the welcome mat, finally drag the key down from the inventory and rele ( Full Answer )
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Who was the first lolcat?

I iz a legendary lolcat...i haz known no bady else who haz born before meh. I think i iz the furst lolcat. And rite now u iz reding wht i haz written. Bye.
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How do you unlock lolcats mode on raze 2?

very top in the center of the "frostbite" map, there is a little mountain thingy, jump on it. when you get on top of it (it may take a few tries), double jump and you should s ( Full Answer )
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How long have lolcats been popular?

The term lolcats refers to pictures that are often posted on social networking sites that consist of cat photos with text captions. These first became popular in 2006 althoug ( Full Answer )
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Who developed the term Lolcat?

The term Lolcat was developed in approximately 2005. It first appeared when photographs of cats in situations or poses were created to cause amusement for the general public.