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Why did Mary Loos leave KING?

Mary Loos took a position at Newsradio KEX 1190 as their morning news anchor, replacing Marie Dodds who left to be the Director of Public Affairs at AAA Oregon. With Mary's ba ( Full Answer )
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What is loo?

A euphemism for Lavatory. From the French expression (re)garde l'eau' Literally beware I am about to throw dirty water from my upstairs windows into the street. Other words ( Full Answer )
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How do you go to the loo?

Everyone who grew up with modern plumbing knows how. Basically, youurinate when standing with the lid lifted, or when sitting with thelid down. You should definitely sit for d ( Full Answer )
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What does loos mean?

LOOS = Lift Off OverSteer. Lift off OverSteer is something that happens in front wheel drive cars. By entering a corner at high speed, turning into it and lifting off ( Full Answer )
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What is loo sign?

In British English language speaking parts of the world, that would be the bathroom, or toilet. A common loo sign is a large W on the door (for "water closet").
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Who when to the loo?

the question to this answer shouyld really be where is the loo?...we find that E=MC(squared)...and spelt who did o to the loo?. loo means toilet
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When was the battle of loos?

The Battle of Loos was fought on the 25th September 1915. It was the first battle where the Brtish used poisonous gas.
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Who died on the loo?

The sport is actually called "Luge". (G like a wierd j.) His name was Nodar Kumaritashvili and he was from Georgia (not the state, the country.) He was 22 or 21
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What do you do if you need the loo?

Go ---- In fact, as a young child, my mom always used to ask us right before we'd leave the house if any of us "had to go". So I was raised to go before we go, because if I ( Full Answer )
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Why do you go to the loo?

To dispose of waste materials that you do not want in your pants or on the floor.
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Who is Loo Flirpa?

Loo Flirpa is "April Fool" backward. To my knowledge, it is often used as the name of a fictional person as part of April Fool's gags?
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What do you mean by loo?

loo means toilet. lots of british people (including me) say it. like 'im just going to the loo.'. However i call it a bog
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How did the vikings go to the loo?

Vikings did not have bathrooms or outhouses when they had to go tothe bathroom. Vikings went outside to use the bathroom. There wasnot toilet paper either. Vikings would use l ( Full Answer )
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Why toilet is called a loo in England?

The origin of the (chiefly British) term loo is unknown. According to the OED, the etymology is obscure, but it might derive from the word Waterloo. The first recorded entry i ( Full Answer )
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What is origin of loo?

The English slang word loo, meaning "privy, toilet" is of obscure origin. There are many possibilities. The most satisfying, to my mind, is from the French lieu, meaning "th ( Full Answer )
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Why a toilet is called a loo?

Nobody is sure, but one guess is that it is an English derivation of the french word for water: "L'eau"
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Why is a toilet called loo?

The Toilet is called 'Loo' because it was a slang term derived from the area of 'Waterloo', it soon became a common use and most of England called it Loo from there on, over h ( Full Answer )
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How do you loo after mice?

Mice need a cage of some sort, the best being a glass aquarium. They need stimulation (toys and a wheel) bedding to soak up urine, (never use cedar or cat litter!) and a hide ( Full Answer )
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Where did the word 'loo' come from?

Like many chiefly British words, 'loo' came from the French. Back in the days before modern plumbing, French commoners would empty their chamberpots directly onto the streets. ( Full Answer )
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What is Killy Loo bird?

a killy loo bird is a mythical Irish bird that when frightened sticks his head in the ground and whistles out of its butt.
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Where to loo or silly bandz?

Many stores sell silly bandz. They might be under other names such as Rubber Band Shapes Fun Bands Zany Bands Believer Bands (the prices do vary) Search around Here's a fe ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell loo-weese?

The female given name is usually spelled Louise . A variant is Luisa. It is related to the names Heloise, Eloise, and Lois.
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What is a magma-loo?

A magma loo is a curry that comedian jasper carrot joked about when he did standup years ago
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Do igloos have loos?

yes they do when they make a new igloo they make an extra one for a loo and the pee goes down the ice
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How old is Anita Loos?

Anita Loos was born on April 26, 1888 and died on August 18, 1981. Anita Loos would have been 93 years old at the time of death or 127 years old today.
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How can you loos your voice?

When a person loses their voice it is usually from over use such as screaming and or singing a lot. Some people lose their voice when they are sick or have allergies.
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When do sloths go to the loo?

Sloths relieve themselves once a week, usually at the base of the tree they live in so it fertilizes the tree to continue their food source.
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What is bug loos?

bugloos is a fancy name and it used especially to describe some one when they are sad and upset!
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How can you loos 5 kilos?

I don't know how to loos five kilos but i know how to lose five kilos
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Who did the battle of water loo involve?

Notably , the battle was between the French and English armies ~ see related link below for the Order of battle of the Waterloo Campaign .
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When did Mary Loos die?

Mary Loos died on October 11, 2004, in Monterey, California, USA of complications from a stroke.
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What has the author Adolf Loos written?

Adolf Loos has written: 'Adolf Loos 1870-1933' -- subject(s): Architectural models, Architecture, Designs and plans, Domestic Architecture, Exhibitions, Modern Architecture ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Erich Loos written?

Erich Loos has written: 'Die Bedeutung der Musik im Werk Dantes' -- subject(s): Music, Knowledge 'Der logische Aufbau der \\' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Harmony of the sph ( Full Answer )