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How do you get lots and lots of toys?

Getting lots and lots of toys shouldn't be the thing you look forward to in life. If you have every thing, you are not happy. You can get toys on your birthday and for Christm ( Full Answer )
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What is Lot of and lots of?

to have more and than to get more than you have gotten the first time
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What is the lot size for a city lot?

There is not a standard lot size for a city lot. Each city willhave their own specific lot sizes that must be abided to.
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Are there a lot of cars or is there a lot of cars?

The noun, 'lot', can be replaced by 'group' or 'bunch'. There is only one lot. Like you would say "a group of friends is playing", you should say "there is a lot of people her ( Full Answer )
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Is it spelled a lot or a lot?

The only correct usage is 2 words, a lot . But a lot of people spell it wrong. (Think of alot as a monster, the ALOT ...! ) *The word that sounds the same is allot , ( Full Answer )
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Do koalas have a lot of kids or not a lot?

To begin with, koalas do not have kids. Goats have kids; koalas have joeys. Secondly, a female koala usually has one single joey each year, although twins have been known on r ( Full Answer )
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Who is lot?

Lot was Abraham's nephew(Genesis 11:27) who traveled with Abrahamthrough the wilderness, finally choosing to live in the fertilefarmland of Sodom and Gomorrah(Genesis 13:5-12) ( Full Answer )