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What is luau?

luau plural of lu·au . Noun. A Hawaiian party or feast, esp. one accompanied by entertainment.
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Best luau to see in maui?

The Feast at Lele and the Old Lahaina Luau are often referred to as the best luaus in Maui. Both of these are run by the same company and provide a top quality luau show. (MORE)
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What is a luau?

An elaborate Hawaiian feast featuring traditional foods and entertainment.
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What can you wear to a luau?

To a Hawaiin party, like, Maui.. By: Sisco, My Homie. To a Hawaiin party, like, Maui.. By: Sisco, My Homie
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How do you spell luau?

You have spelled it correctly, luau (a Hawaiian feast or celebration).
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What happens at a luau?

People gather to partake of good Hawaiian food and music.
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What kind of food is served at a luau?

Aloha. The favorite dish is what gave the lu'au its name. Leaves of the taro plant are combined with chicken, baked in coconut milk and called lu'au. Fish and poi, a staple of (MORE)
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What is a hawaiian luau?

A luau is very similar to a picnic, but also may include music, traditional dancing, and story telling.
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What do you get from a luau?

You really don't get anything from a luau other than a flower necklace, and maybe some aching bones if your older. A luau is usually for fun, and entertainment.
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What is a luau garland?

A Hawaiian flower necklace, otherwise known as a lei.
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What can you do at a hawaiian luau?

You usually eat, drink, and listen to native music and watch dancing. Some luaus invite the guests to dance.
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What is luau number?

A luau is a kind of Hawaiian festive event, not a number.
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What is special about the Royal Lahaina Luau?

The Royal Lahaina Luau is in Maui. It is a cultural extravaganza with a very popular fire dance finale. It is usually booked weeks in advance so make plans early.