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Is lying habitual?

I, although have no medical experience, do believe it is. My whole life has been a lie. My mother lied to me till the day she died. My ex husband lied to me throughout out 12 ( Full Answer )
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What is Lying?

When you say something you know is untrue or when people don't trust you anymore.
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Why are you lying?

Lying (speaking false intentionally) is to get something you wantor avoid something you don't want, or want to happen. It could beto gain approval or material advantage. Lying ( Full Answer )
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What is a lying?

Lying is the act of attempting to make someone believe something that is not so. One can lie by simply stating something that is not so in such a way that makes it believable. ( Full Answer )
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Is he lying or not?

yes, I guess he is. Don't feel sad though, he lies for youANSWER: When you said is he lying, what do you mean, problem with the relationship, or your wondering if he always te ( Full Answer )
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What has -ly at the end?

The part of speech that most often ends in -ly is an adverb . However, this does not mean either that (1) every word that ends in -ly is an adverb or (2) all adverbs end in - ( Full Answer )
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Who is Chunlee ly?

Chunlee Ly is an ordinary girl , who loves to stand up for herself and isn't afraid to.
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What do you get out of lying?

u get lying for the rest of ur lif n u end up nower in ur lif n none can trust u
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What can lying do to you?

It can ruin relashonships and can cause stress knowing you did somthing horrible behind someones back.