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Is lying habitual?

I, although have no medical experience, do believe it is. My whole life has been a lie. My mother lied to me till the day she died. My ex husband lied to me throughout out 12 (MORE)
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What is Lying?

When you say something you know is untrue or when people don't trust you anymore.
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Is lying good?

Not everyone is going to agree about lying being good. Some believeit is okay to lie sometimes, and that it depends on what you arelying about. Others believe that it is impor (MORE)
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Why are you lying?

Lying (speaking false intentionally) is to get something you wantor avoid something you don't want, or want to happen. It could beto gain approval or material advantage. Lying (MORE)
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What is a lying?

Lying is the act of attempting to make someone believe something that is not so. One can lie by simply stating something that is not so in such a way that makes it believable. (MORE)
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Is he lying or not?

yes, I guess he is. Don't feel sad though, he lies for youANSWER: When you said is he lying, what do you mean, problem with the relationship, or your wondering if he always te (MORE)
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Can lying be hereditary?

no because you can not pass lying down from generation to generation
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What has -ly at the end?

The part of speech that most often ends in -ly is an adverb . However, this does not mean either that (1) every word that ends in -ly is an adverb or (2) all adverbs end in - (MORE)
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What is the Lying game about?

It's about Emma Becker who is a foster kid, she finds her twin sister Sutton Mercer who lives "the sweet life" in Phoenix. They find each other because Sutton is searching for (MORE)
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What do you do when your boyfriend is lying?

Find out if he really is lying. If he is, find out if he has a good reason. Men's minds don't work the same as women's. to him, lying may seem like the logical way to solve (MORE)
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Is lying easy?

Some people could lie with no conscience. And with that makes it easy for them. Thing about lying is u have to remember that lie. And at times u need to lie to cover up a lie (MORE)
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Are commercials lying?

Yes a whole lot! They just want you to buy the stuff, or sometimes they may be true with you!
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Is it were laying or were lying?

That depends on the usage. For example, both of these are correct: . He had been lying on the sofa for two hours. . He was laying his clothes on the sofa while he watched (MORE)
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Is lying a noun?

It can be: When a verb like "to lie" has an -ing at the end of it, it can be either a participle or a gerund. A participle is when it still acts as a verb. An example of (MORE)
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What to do if you are lying to a friend?

If your friend finds out ask for forgiveness and if when you lie to your friend then you feel bad tell her the truth never lie that is very important to you life
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What do you get out of lying?

u get lying for the rest of ur lif n u end up nower in ur lif n none can trust u
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What is deviant lying?

When police use lies that violate police regulations as well as law. ex) Police perjuring themselves in giving evidence in court.
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What can lying do to you?

It can ruin relashonships and can cause stress knowing you did somthing horrible behind someones back.