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What does ma'am mean?

Ma'am is a derivation of madam (madame, my lady) . It is the female equivalent of "sir", an expression of respect, originally toward women of the upper classes or nobility.
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How do you spell ma'am?

That is the correct spelling of the word "ma'am" It is a contraction form used in polite address. The actual word is madam.
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How old is a ma'am?

I would say Ma'am is more of a term of respect than a marker of age, but I'd say once someone's of age, they can be called ma'am naturally, so 18 or older.
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What is the plural of ma'am?

Ma'am is a contraction of "madam" used in polite address. The plural is mesdames. * Only the informal dialect plural would be ma'ams .
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What rhymes with ma'am?

spam. cram. sam. pam. dam (not in the bad way, though!). ram. flim flam. ;)
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Is it yes ma'am or yes Ma'am?

Ma'am does not have to be capitalized, except where situationally apropriate such as when it is the first word in a sentence.
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When to say yes ma'am?

You say it when answering a woman or when a women ask you to do something for them.
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How do you spell the plural of ma'am?

The word "ma'am" is a noun of polite address, a contraction for "madam." The plural is "mesdames." Another polite address form is "ladies."
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Is yes ma'am and no ma'am a good habit to have?

Well, ma'am, a british slang, is mostly obsolete. It can be used torefer to the Queen if you address her more than once. You shoulduse "her Majesty" the first time, though. In (MORE)
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What is ma'am in Japanese?

Well , in japanese , both sir and ma'am are called "Sensei".
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Is ma'am a pronoun?

No, the word "ma'am" is a contraction of the noun "madam", a word used to address an adult female; a word for aperson. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun i (MORE)