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Who was Dora Maar?

She was a photographer, who was Picasso's mistress 1937 - 1943.
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Where the Dora maar was painted?

There are many paintings of Dora Maar, as she was Picasso's mistress. They were not all painted in the same place or year.
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Why was Dora Maar always weeping?

She wasn't always weeping, in fact Picasso painted her many times, see "woman in hat" series
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Is Tees Maar Khan a movie for adults?

In India it is rated UA, which covers PG-13 and R in the UnitedStates. So, we know that it isn't good for kids, but whether it isfor adults only is hard to say. It's probably (MORE)
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What is meaning of word maar sutiya?

maar- kill sut - throw maar sutiya- killed and thrown generally used as a compliment as in "killer stuff" ;).. youtube to mp3, utorrent
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Which areas of the world have large maars?

A maar is a large, volcanic crater that is created when underground water comes in contact with lava. The maar fills with water, making a crater lake. Alaska is known for ha (MORE)
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When was Paul Maar born?

Paul Maar was born on December 13, 1937, in Schweinfurt, Germany.
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When was Pons Maar born?

Pons Maar was born in 1951, in Pensacola, Florida, USA.
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What has the author Michael Maar written?

Michael Maar has written: 'Leoparden im Tempel' -- subject(s): Biography, Authors 'Die falsche Madeleine' 'Warum Nabokov Harry Potter gemocht h atte' -- subject(s): OUR (MORE)
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How is the maars taught to perform its task?

it's not actually 'taught'. The scientists write a computer programto tell the rover what to do - and send the program by radio toMars. The rover receives the program, and fol (MORE)