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What is a Mac?

Mac is a short form for many words. It can be: . A McDonald's hamburger . A rain coat - short for MacIntosh . Macaroni (e.g. Mac and cheese) . A Macintosh computer . A S ( Full Answer )
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How do you get idoodle on a mac?

\nit is impossible idoodle is a software specially made for the iphone and nothing else\n. \nSammy Andrews wuz here
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How do you fix a Mac?

Restart and hold down the Shift key as your Mac starts up. This will automatically check some files and stop some files from loading. Open Disk Utility. Select the start up ( Full Answer )
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How do you use a Mac?

If you are referring to the Mac OS, you should be aware that the Mac OS is uses a graphical user interface which makes it easier for users to navigate and use the operating sy ( Full Answer )
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What is Mac ID?

MAC ID is like a serial nr of your network card.. On a windows system you can know what you're mac id is through START > RUN > type "cmd" without the quotes > type "ipconfig ( Full Answer )
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What does a mac do?

A mac is another computer. They say they cant get viruses. Mostlythis is true, however when Mac's gained in popularity, people,sadly, did create viruses. If you didnt want a v ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to Miss Mary Mac Mac Mac?

Miss Mary Mac Miss Mary Mac Mac Mac All dressed in black black black With silver buttons buttons buttons All down her back back back She asked her mother mother moth ( Full Answer )
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What is mac and use of mac?

The Mac, or Macintosh, is a computer developed by Apple, Inc., formerly Apple Computers, Inc. Unlike many computer companies, Apple's Mac systems run their own operating syste ( Full Answer )
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Why are mac computers called macs?

The company that builds the Macintosh is Apple. One variety of apple fruit is the Macintosh. It was clever for Apple to make a computer named for a kind of apple, the "Macint ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a disk out of a mac?

The eject button on the keyboard above the Delete key, that is if you're using an Apple or Apple compatible keyboard. You can also eject a disk by pressing the [command ⌘ ( Full Answer )
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How do you move iTunes from a mac to a mac?

You have a few options here. . When you get a new mac, you'll be asked if you'd like to transfer data from another Mac. You can use this to transfer import files like the ( Full Answer )
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Why does your mac freeze?

It can be a multitude of problems like too many applications are running at once and can send to many commands to the CPU and processor and can result in freeze of a KERNEL PA ( Full Answer )
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What mac to get?

When shopping for a Mac there are many things to consider: . The Price . The Purpose . The Power . The Person . iPad? The Price- ---If you want to go cheap than the M ( Full Answer )
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How do you ping in MAC?

Open the "Terminal" application (use spotlight to find it, its in the Utilities folder I believe). From the terminal window, just use the "ping" command. example: ping go ( Full Answer )
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How do you scan on a mac?

The Image Capture application in the Applications folder works with the majority of scanners if there is no specific software supplied with the scanner. Otherwise any TWAIN (s ( Full Answer )
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How can you get Roblox on Mac?

The only way to get roblox on a mac is to download PC software into boot camp or Parallels. Then you can download it without a problem. You can find boot camp in your utilitie ( Full Answer )
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How do you print from a mac?

Depends on the printer but most you can just press file print click down arrow net to printer name and press add new printer...
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How is a Mac used?

Your question is very broad. That would be like asking "What do doctors know?" You can't learn everything MAC in one instance. It is an acquired knowledge over time, just like ( Full Answer )
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How do you get widgets on your mac?

First you press the F4 key on your keyboard then you click the plus in the bottom left then you press manage widgets. Then you click more widgets and then you get directed to ( Full Answer )
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How do you get zinky on Macs?

Zwinky is a Windows only program, so the only way to run it on Mac is to use Bootcamp or a virtual desktop like VMWare Fusion.
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Which is windows or Mac?

Windows is an operation system (OS) that operates on a variety of computers, including macs. You can tell if a computer is running windows by if it has the Start menu at the b ( Full Answer )
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How do you get isaneaquarium on Mac?

You could use Boot Camp to make a dual-boot for Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X. You can then install Insanequarium in Windows
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What is prokit for mac?

ProKit is a framework (a group of resources) that creates the blue-grey interface of the Apple Pro Apps (Aperture, Final Cut, Logic etc.). Apple does not allow the use of it i ( Full Answer )
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What is the Mac OS'X?

OSX is a Operating system derived from BSD, and thus unix... Unbuntu can be skinned to look like and behave like OSX (I did that in about 15 minuets) OSX in a sense is a Des ( Full Answer )
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What do you like about the mac?

Everything! You can do anything with it and it's so simple to use! Macs rock!
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How do you get avchd on to your Mac?

AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) files can be imported and edited on a Mac with an Intel processor and iMovie '08, Final Cut Express 4, or Final Cut Pro 6 or late ( Full Answer )
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What is mac cloning?

A Macintosh clone is a personal computer made by a manufacturer other than Apple, using (or compatible with) Macintosh ROMs and system software.
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What does the folder on a mac do?

it organizes all of you pictures, documents and pretty much anything you want it to, even organize all you folders.
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What is Mac binding?

Computers with a specified MAC address can only send and receiveinformation with the IP address it is bound to. To use MAC addressbinding, you must associate an IP address on ( Full Answer )
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Can you get trainz for Mac?

Trainz for Mac is available from SimulatorCentral. Minimum system requirements: OS: MacOS X 10.5 Memory: 2GB Graphics: nVidia or ATI graphics card Processor: Intel C ( Full Answer )
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How can you check the MAC address of your Mac?

Here's a better answer then I can give: In addition, in Mac OS 10.3 and above, you can also go to: Apple menu/Abo ( Full Answer )
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Is mac keeper good for macs?

Nope, it is completely unnecessary, and potentially damaging. From what I can tell it simply checks your applications folder, and then checks the folder where your application ( Full Answer )
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What products do Mac and Mac provide?

Mac & Mac is the name of a company that manufactures a variety of both modern and traditional European furniture. The company is based in the United Kingdom.
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What is i mac?

A mac is many things, most notably the computer brand, but there isalso big macs, macaroni and cheese etc.