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How do lions get their manes?

Male lions are easily recognized because of their manes. A malelion just happen to grow their mane naturally. All male lions have the Mane. The mane is nothing but a growth of (MORE)
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Why do horses have manes?

When they shake their mane, often they can rid themselves of flies that are on their neck (unless, of course, their mane is kept short in captivity). Also, it is thought to be (MORE)
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Do zebras have manes?

Yes, but it does not get very long, just about a few inches so it looks like it stands straight up on the neck.. Most people descirbe their mane as a mohawk mane, because it (MORE)
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Why do zebras have manes?

Zebra's have manes because they are part of the horse family. They just have stripes and have a slightly bulkier build.
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When do lions get their manes?

lions get their manes when they are about 2 years old. lions get their manes when they are about 2 years old The development of a male Lion's mane starts with the onset ofpub (MORE)
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Do female lions have manes?

no. female lions are not important enough to have a mane or name No she does not, but she can have small tufts of fur around her head around her ears but not very often. Males (MORE)
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What animals have manes?

horses and lions... 1) Genus Equus - horses/ponies, donkeys, and zebras. Males and females have manes. 2) Some species of the genus Hippotragus - antelopes, For examp (MORE)
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Animals with manes?

I think its just lions and horses
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Why do horse have manes?

Horses have tails to keep the flys away. But i don't know why horses have manes
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What does Maneli mean?

It is Persian for "stay" or "stay with me". It also means mermaidin old literature.
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What are lion's manes for?

Lions have manes to protect their neck, when in a battle their manes protect their throat from getting any damage. Some people think of it as a crown, that's why every male li (MORE)
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Do ducks have manes?

yes, ducks do have a mane...but if not, does it really matter? lol
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What are manes?

The mane is the long hair that grows from the crest of a horses neck and around lions' face/head. A mane is the patch of fur around an animals neck, like a lion's mane, or in (MORE)
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Why do they have manes?

"The mane is thought to keep the neck warm , and possibly to help water run off the neck if the animal cannot obtain shelter from the rain. It also provides some fly prote (MORE)
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Do horses have manes?

Yes they do. Although I'm not sure why you don't know that. My friends 2 year old brother knows that...
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How long can horses manes get?

If taken care of and allowed to grow a horse's mane can get very long. I have seen some down to the bottom of the shoulder. Different breeds have their own styles on how a hor (MORE)
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Do tigers have manes?

No, tigers do not have manes. No, tigers do not have manes. Not as lions do, true, but males of most subspecies grow a ruff of longer hair around the cheek area. Siberian a (MORE)
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Is the maned wolf the largest canid?

The maned wolf is only about 44 to 55 lbs. Although it is one of the tallest canids, it is far smaller (less weight) than canids like the gray wolf, which can weigh over 100 l (MORE)
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Do lynxes have manes?

no but lynxes have black tufts of hair on the tips of their ears