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Can children have mange?

Mange in vet jargon is scabies - so, yes children may have scabies. rbb, MD
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Can my feline get mange?

Yes. The feline version is a different species than the normal canine one, but it produces the same itching and loss of hair.
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Is there a cure for mange?

Yes. Mange is caused by external parasites and can be cured with several common antiparasiticides.
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Can a cow have mange?

Yes. Most creatures can be infected with mites which can cause mange. In dogs this mite is called Sarcoptes sacbei.
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How do you cure mange?

I live on the Caribbean island of Dominica in the West Indies and have a local dog. She came to us with a low immune system and gets recurring mange. We have tried the chemica (MORE)
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What is the mange?

Mange is a contagious skin disease that causes mamals to itch and lose there hair. Below is related information on Mange. Please click on the related link :-)
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Does your cat have mange?

No, my cat does not. But, since your asking, I suppose you cat does, so here is what you have to do: Mange is a skin contagious skin condition caused by mites and parasites (MORE)
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Where does mange come from?

Mange is a nasty skin disease caused by small mites causing intense irritation for the dog who rubs and scratches to alleviate the itch. It causes fur to fall out and dogs wit (MORE)
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Can rabbits get mange?

my rabbit is loosing hair around her eyes do you think it mange and what can I do to treat it.
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Mange in cats?

Skin disease- parisites get into skin & cause animals to get very itchy. They scratch out their fur in places. Treatable. Go to vet.
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Can humans get mange?

yes humans can get mange, its a skin disease within humans and dogs and cats
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What is dog mange?

Mange is a skin disease caused by several species of tiny mites,common external parasites found in companion canines. Some mangemites are normal residents of your dog's skin a (MORE)
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Is mange deadly?

Different types of mange is able to give a warning of what type ofillness it may be causes, however, it is not deadly. There are twodifferent types of mange, Sarcoptic and Dem (MORE)
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What is blanc mange?

Blancmange , is a sweet dessert commonly made with milk or cream and sugar thickened with gelatin, cornstarch or Irish moss, and often flavored with almonds. It is usually set (MORE)
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How dogs get mange?

Dogs can get mange from other dogs. Mange is very contagious. If one of your dogs has mange try to keep the others away from it until the mange has cleared. Sarcoptic mange i (MORE)
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How does a dog get the mange?

The mange is inherent in all dog breeds in the same way that the measles and/or mumps is inherent in all children, which is why children get inoculated against these disease (MORE)
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What are the signs of mange?

Hair loss in your dog can be just one sign of mange. There are many types of mange such as Sarcoptic, Demodectic and Cheyletiellosis. Mange is basically a mite infection/in (MORE)
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How do you spell manged?

The spelling manged could mean afflicted with mange , an infestation of the fur. The word sought may be managed (handled, supervised).
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What is a manging director?

He (she) is the senior person in a company, apart from the Chairman - though he can be both. In the UK, you cannot form a company, however small, unless there is a Managing D (MORE)
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What is a spray for mange?

The best kept secret on the market, by far, is a product called Nu Stock. You can usually find at local feed stores or can order it directly from same name on line. It's a cre (MORE)
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How do you spell mange?

The spelling "mange" is a parasitic skin disease of animals, including dogs. A similar word is the verb manage meaning to control, direct, or supervise. The Japanese w (MORE)