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What is T-Mania Service Cyprus?

I believe it is a BINGO / Gambling site pay service, however I have no URL to link to this charge description.
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Who is t-mania Cyprus service?

T-mania Cyprus Service I believe is the owner of the online bingo website, such as Internet and If anyone had a credit card charge from this company, (MORE)
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Who is t-mania service Cyprus?

They are a fraud!!!! They stole over 1000.00 from a relative of mine. They steal peoples their credit cards numbers and personal info without permission. Beware!!! They are so (MORE)
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What is 'mania' when translated from English to Italian?

Mania is an Italian equivalent of 'mania'. It's a feminine gender noun that's pronounced 'mah-NEE-ah'. The individual who engages in such behavior or thought patterns is call (MORE)
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What words can you make out of the phrase 'microscope mania'?

Obviously, microscope and mania are the first 2. Some others include, in no particular order: I, a, me, am, so, an, as, is, pie, pies, man, men, sore, soar, rose, ran, pen, pe (MORE)
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Is brick-mania reliable?

it depends on your context of reliable. if that means in getting your orders to you, then yes, it may take a few days, but your order comes in a good amount of time. if it mea (MORE)
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Is Nikki manias gay?

Nicki Minaj Is Infact Bisexual. She Had A Sexual Encounter With Amber Rose.