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How does a man sleep with another man?

just like he would with a woman but it is more fun and no need to worry about gettin pregnant! just don't forget you can still get STDs so be careful.
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What is man?

a strange thing! something that farts, burps, is gross, imature, sloppy and most importantly turns on women! wiltmaster's answer: okay, the above answer was pretty much ( Full Answer )
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What is a man?

A man is a part of the primate family. The scientific name of modern man is "homo sapien".A man is an adult human male. When used in this way, the word manis a noun.
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What is man to man marking in football?

Answer . Man to man marking is when each player picks up a player and stays on that player for most of the game . the player generaly marks their player so tight they can ( Full Answer )
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Why is He Man named He man?

since he is a male , he cant be called she girl,, so he man ;)
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How can a man attract another man?

Make it obvious that you are gay/bisexual in a subtle way and if he is interested he'll notice. Don't be too obvious as this may put some boys off. Many outwardly straight boy ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of man vs man?

An example would probably be war, or some sort of fighting where there is a person versus somebody else, like boxing. It does not necessarily have to be violent, just a person ( Full Answer )
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Can man save man from his sin?

No this is not possible for man to save man from sin. Only the atonement of Christ and mans own repentance of his sins, and the acceptance that Jesus is the Christ followed by ( Full Answer )
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Why man why?

Dude, I'm eye to eye with you on this one, I don't know the answer but you ask why in such a way that shows you have a better understanding of the world than most. And tha ( Full Answer )
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How did you get a man?

you dont get men, they come to you. if he is a good boy then if you act as yourself you will get them. guys hate it when you chase them around. tempt them but also put a bario ( Full Answer )
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Was Jesus a man or a myth about a man?

a prophet from god (a Man) or just a created myth? Well a close examination of the evidence shows that the best explanation for the story of "Jesus Christ" is what we call " ( Full Answer )
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What is a man answer?

Answer:. a man answer, is a "manswer". (dialog example). boyfriend: its time for some Manswer's!. Girlfriend: Blah, Blah, Blah, answer. Blah.
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What does man vs man mean?

Man vs man is just a theme that indicates people are on thedifferent sides of the conflict rather than Man versus nature, orthe environment, or technology, or God, or man vers ( Full Answer )
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Signs of a man coming on to a man?

1. You find yourself feeling awkward and uncomfortable around this guy. Your gut tells you there's something he's not saying. 2. He "invades your personal space." In every c ( Full Answer )
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Why is a man a man?

'man' is a man because of intelligence. The word 'man' appears originated from 'mind', more specifically from the Sanskrit word manas (S's) or maanasa (माठ( Full Answer )
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What is a man being a man?

when his love is pure kind and sweet. there are no violence, put downs and adultery. love is patent. and it doesn't hurt. he is being a man when he shows all of the stuff abov ( Full Answer )
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How does a man reproduce with a man?

It is not possible for males to reproduce with males. EDIT: Scientists are actually working on this and in the future it will most likely be possible for a man to have ( Full Answer )
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How to get your man?

First get your life in order again, next make yourself attractive at home and office then only you have a brighter chance.
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How to get a man?

Just be yourself and dont play games or you will probably scar him or her away
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What is it like for a man to kiss a man?

The same feeling as a woman to man. But the difference is they both have penis's so they get hard easier than a woman and a man!! :P (hope ive helped)
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Is Cooper Manning Eli Manning?

No! Just google "Cooper Manning" for more info on the older brother. Archie manning, the Mannings father, played football . NO. Cooper Manning is the older brother of Peyt ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean when a man says he is your man?

The are many variables that come into play in order to determine this. It depends on whether he's a platonic friend or a lover. A male friend will rarely tell another male fri ( Full Answer )
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Can you get summary of the man who was almost a man?

Hello. I'm very happy to meet you, Compliments of the day! How are you ? hope you are doing well, I am Helin a lovely girl, I am looking for a reliable and trusted pers ( Full Answer )
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How does a man ask a man for sex?

Firstly he has to be reasonable confident that the other boy isn't completely homophobic or there could be an unpleasant and possibly even violentconsequences. If he is fairly ( Full Answer )
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Man to man defense in basketball?

This is one of the most agressive forms of defense used in basketball. This is when each player has their own man on the oposing to to gaurd while on defense. This is the defe ( Full Answer )
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Man is a man who is a man?

if you look closely into the periferry vision. you will see he is not a man who is a man.
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What makes a man a good man?

When a man is willing to do anything for his girlfriend/wife When a man is willing to stay with the one he loves through the bad times When a man is willing to say your wrong ( Full Answer )
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Is Spider-Man a spider or a man?

Spider-Man is a teenage boy named Peter Parker who got bitten by a radioactive spider. The radioactive spider gave him superpowers which enable him to climb walls, jump real h ( Full Answer )
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What is Man vs Man in a conflict?

A "Man v. Man" Conflict in Literature would mean two physical beings, one the Protagonist, and the other the Antagonist. A good example would be the relationship between Harry ( Full Answer )
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Can mans get other mans pregnant?

no! Men have sperm, women have eggs, you need an egg and sperm to get pregnant. So if you have 2 sperm you can't. Same with two eggs.
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What is ment by im a mans man?

He does whatever makes him a good person and he can be proud of that. He is polite, keeps himself in shape, he admits errors, always shaves and wears 'proper' clothes. He acts ( Full Answer )