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What is a manta ray?

Manta rays are the largest rays. They have the biggest body-brain ratio of the sharks, rays, and skates. They live in the tropical waters, usually around coral reefs and feed ( Full Answer )
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What is the life cycle of a manta ray?

The life cycle of a manta (i think) goes something like this:\nA male and a female manta mate.\nA baby manta egg is "growing" (if u catch my meaning) inside the mother manta's ( Full Answer )
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What is the lifespan of manta rays?

Lifespan is 20 years on average for a Devil Ray also known as the Manta Ray Manta ray is their actual name. so it'd make more sense if you said: Lifespan is 20 years on avera ( Full Answer )
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Do manta rays make sound?

As of right now, there is no scientific evidence supporting the fact that Manta Rays of any species can make any form of vocal noises.
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What are manta rays?

Manta rays are large, cartilaginous, salt water fish in the Elasmobranchii subclass which includes sharks and skates The manta ray is the largest of the rays. They can typical ( Full Answer )
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What is the manta rays enemies?

There are a few natural predators of the Manta Ray. Predatorsmostly consist of killer whales and sharks, though the biggestpredator of the manta ray is humans.
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What is a manta?

A manta is a giant ray species that can reach 23 feet wide. Theyare commonly found in tropical oceans and tend to stay near coralreefs and along continental shelves.
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Are manta ray fish dangerous?

No mantas aren't dangerous, they are completely harmless, as they do not contain a stinger such as the stingray.
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How do manta rays reproduce?

they do the boom bang and out come the baby sigh. try this for a BETTER answer. the females lay eggs i ( Full Answer )
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What color is a Manta Ray?

a Manta Ray black, white and gray in color\n. \nThey are mainly dark on the upper surface, ranging from black to greyish-blue and brown, with pale undersides; individuals hav ( Full Answer )
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What are adaptations of the manta ray?

Manta rays may have evolved from bottom-feeders, and then adapted to become filter feeders in the open ocean. This allowed them to grow larger than other ray species. Due to ( Full Answer )
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How does a manta ray breathe?

The gill slits of the manta ray are visible on its ventral side. It respires like fish do, taking in water through its mouth and then letting it pass over its gills and then e ( Full Answer )
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Can manta rays kill?

The fugde do you think? Of course they can kill but they stun theirprey first then kill it.
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What do manta rays do?

Manta rays swim in both deep and shallow. There diet is of mainly plankton, small fish, and shrimp. They do NOT eat people.
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What are a manta rays?

Manta Rays are sea animals, they are relatives of the shark. they look like sting rays, but manta rays are a lot bigger.
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What do mantas eat?

Mantas, like whale shaks and baleen whales, eat plankton and small fish that they funnel into their large mouths with their "horns"
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What is the definition of a manta?

1. (in Spain and Spanish America) a cloak or wrap.2.the type of blanket or cloth used on a horse or mule.3.Military. a movable shelter formerly used to protect besiegers ( Full Answer )
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What is the Manta Ray's habitat?

Warm-temperate waters. Close to the corals, seabed, inshore, offshore. i think that it is the ocean and hawiian ilands
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What do you call a group of manta rays?

A Group Of Manta Rays is called a school. Just like a school of fish... Proof: Another wiki answer asking the same question, and a dictionary! .... :P
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Are manta rays bites painful?

Besides during breeding, I don't think manta rays really bite. They capture food through their gills so they don't need to bite anything to eat. As far as teeth go, manta ray ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete your manta?

If you have a Manta account or no longer wish to have your businesslisted on Manta, the company suggests emailing them This address should be able to handle ( Full Answer )
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Are people a threat to the manta ray?

The IUCN (World Conservation Union) lists manta rays as Near Threatened. Man is the main predator of manta rays. Manta products are used in Chinese medicines, and as a low cos ( Full Answer )
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Are manta rays gentle?

Yes, they are also harmless and do not have a stinger, only sting rays do.
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What is the maximum weight of a manta ray?

Manta rays typically grow up to 1,400 kg, with a wing span of 6.7 m. However the largest manta ray on record was much larger - 2,300 kg and 7.6 m across! See the link on my pr ( Full Answer )
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Is manta ray evil?

No. Technically no animal is evil it is just their ways are Taboo to us.
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Is the manta ray dangerous?

No, They are completely harmless. It is the similar looking sting ray that is dangerous.
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What is a manta ray's prey?

Mantas feed on plankton, fish larvae and the like, filtered from the water passing through their gills as they swim. They catch small prey organisms on gill rakers, flat plate ( Full Answer )
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Is the manta ray important to its survival?

The manta ray is a graceful swimmer, cruising the world's temperate and tropical waters by flapping its large pectoral fins. When the mood strikes, however, those fins are use ( Full Answer )
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Are manta viper bodyboards good?

Manta Bodyboards are considered one of the best, but you have to make sure the board has at least 2 stringers; 3 is even better. Other comparable bodyboards are BZ, Custom ( Full Answer )
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What special features do manta rays have?

Since the Manta Ray seems to be such a mystery to most people, exploring the facts about them can help you to see them for what they really are. These are fascinating creature ( Full Answer )
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What are the Manta Ray birds famous for?

There are no such birds as the Manta Ray Bird. The Manta Ray is a fish with extremely large pectoral fins and can become up to 7 meters wide. The motion of the pectoral fins c ( Full Answer )