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What is mas?

M.A.S. is the abbreviation for Male Answer Syndrome . This is a syndrome in which the sufferer feels compelled to answer questions even when they know nothing about the subj ( Full Answer )
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What you do after ma economics?

u log onto wiki answers to answer economic questions then in your resume you cite that you have done some "freelance consulting" for a major dot com company !
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How do you get your MA?

Complete your bachelors degree, pick a field for advanced study, find an institution that offers that program of study, look at their entrance requirements, apply to he school ( Full Answer )
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Where in MA is wellesley?

Wellesley is in Eastern Massachusetts in Norfolk County. It is 15 miles southwest of Boston. It is bordered by Weston to the North, Newton to the East, Needham and Dover to th ( Full Answer )
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What is mA output?

mA stands for mili-Amp, or one-thousandth of an Amp (or Ampere; being the unit of measure of current, or charge carriers; ie electrons in a circuit) 1 mA = 0.001 A
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What is mA in electrical?

mA is the abbreviation for milliAmperes. Milli- means one-thousandth, so a milliAmpere is one-thousandth of an Ampere, or Amp for short. Amperes are the standard measure of el ( Full Answer )
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What is mAs in radiology?

mA (millamps) x Time (seconds) = mAs mA Tube Current The second control of the output of the x-ray tube is called the mA (milliamperage) control. This control determi ( Full Answer )
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Who is Yo Ma Ma?

I would guess you mean Yo-Yo Ma who is a French-born American cellist born 7 th Oct 1955. His name is an Anglicized version of the Chinese name "Ma Yo-yo". If I'm wrong let m ( Full Answer )
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Where is athol ma?

Athol, Massachusetts is located on the western outskirts of Central Massachusetts. It is situated between Orange and Philipston. Athol is the gateway to the Pioneer Valley.
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Yo ma ma jokes?

Well, here are some of my favorites that are also very good. Yo Ma Ma's so fat that when she was pregnant nobody knew. Yo Ma Ma's so stupid she failed and idiot test. Yo Ma M ( Full Answer )
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What does the 'MA' mean?

The letters 'MA' refer to Master of Arts . It's an advanced, graduate program degree in the United States of America. It may take one or two years to complete all of the requ ( Full Answer )
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Who are the senators in MA?

Edward Markey (D) and ElizabethWarren (D) are the U.S. Senators representing Massachusetts.Warren's next election will be in 2018. Markey's next election willbe in 2020.
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Who is your ma?

Your mamma is very very very very very very very very very very very very special!!!!!!!
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What are facts about Ma 'at?

1. She was married to Thoth and Tehuti . 2. She had eight children with Thoth because becoming intimate . 3. Her favorite child was Amon . 4. She was the goddess of bala ( Full Answer )
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A MA or an MA?

Are you referring to a degree? I would think an MA, even though the word following an starts with a consonant, it has a vowel sound when spoken.
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Are there tornadoes in MA?

If you mean the state of Massachusetts, then yes. Tornadoes have occurred, and killed, in Massachusetts.
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What is a ma-coon?

I think you mean Maine Coon? If so it is a breed of cat originally from Maine, USA.. Males can weigh anywhere between 13 and 18 lb (5.9 and 8.2 kg) with females weighing betw ( Full Answer )
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What is an MA in the Navy?

MA stands for Master At Arms in the US Navy. MA's' are the Navy's version of Military Police
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To get an MA in teaching?

It would be a master's degree in education. To teach within the public school system in the United States at the pre-K through high school levels, you must have a minimum of a ( Full Answer )
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What is ole mas?

ole mas is when people come and make different kinds of costumes and parade in it.
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What is the translation of mas?

Without the accent, mas is a conjunction "but". Much more commonly, it appears with an accent, más. This means "more", "plus", "most."
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What does 'ma' mean in 'tamariki ma'?

I tkink it means white. white rabbit Yes, as the person above has mentioned 'ma' is the colour white. However, in this context the 'ma' is being used to make tamariki ma - c ( Full Answer )
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What is ma humbug?

Its Ba Humbug. and Scrooge says it as another word to say that he is annoyed or angry.
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How do you spell MA?

The spelling "ma" can mean mother or mom. The abbreviation MA is for the state of Massachusetts.
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What is an MA fuse?

It is a fuse that is rated in one thousandths of an amp. An example, a 500 mA fuse can also be called a 1/2 amp fuse.
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How do you spell mas?

You can look it up in a dictionary. You probably mean "mass". Mass can mean majority or greater part, pile or heap, crowd or large group, widespread or general, assemble or ga ( Full Answer )
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What is 50 mA?

50 mA generally stands for 50 milliamperes. A milliampere is a measure used for small electrical currents.
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Who is Eminems ma?

Debbie Mathers Briggs Eminem's mother, Debbie Mathers Briggs has been married four times - John Briggs is the latest husband

Who is Clara Ma?

Clara Ma is a twelve-year-old from Sunflower Elementary in Lenexa, Kansas. She submitted the winning entry to name NASA's Mars Science Laboratory rover. Her entry was called " ( Full Answer )
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What does mA read?

Since this in in the science category, mA is the abbreviation for milliAmperes, i.e. thousandths of an Ampere, the measure of current strength in an electrical circuit.
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Can you get a MA with a BS?

If I've understood the question properly, yes. Most Masters programs simply require that applicants have an undergraduate degree; whether that degree is a BA, BS, BSEd, JD, ( Full Answer )
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What is symbol mA?

While one might expect a latin symbol for amperes or milliamps, Aand mA are the accepted symbols for these.
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What is TV MA?

TV MA is the rating from the TV Parenal Guidelines organization, toindicate shows designed to be viewed by adults and may beunsuitable for children under 17 because they conta ( Full Answer )
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What is the instrument for mas?

There are many instruments for mas. Some of the instruments arevolume, mass, weight, liter, gram, gravity and meter.
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What is Saturn mas?

The mass of planet Saturn is 568.32 x 10^24 kilograms, where ^indicates an exponent. This could also be expressed as 568.32 x 10to the 24th power. (10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 . . ( Full Answer )