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Why do pirate ships have three masts?

Answer Three masetd ships were used by all sailors who sailed the open ocean so for pirates who spent much time at sea three masted ships were ideal. Pirates who sailed, and ( Full Answer )
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Is a mast cell a granulocyte?

No, Mast Cells are not granulocytes. The terms "granulocyte" and "agranulocyte" refer to circulation cells. Masts cells, though they have granules, are found in tissues- not t ( Full Answer )
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A small one-masted vessel?

This could be a sloop (main + jib), a cutter (main + jib + foresail), or a cat boat (main alone). There are many variations.
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What is a service mast?

a service mast is a word that you use for any type of science project but especially for the math problem.
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What is an electrical service mast?

A service mast is attached to the building, it stands normally above the building or at the highest point of the building, were no one can get to it. The service mast contains ( Full Answer )
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What are phone masts?

They are also called cellular antenna masts.. A mobile phone mast is used to geta signal on your mobile telephone.
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How do you put up a mast?

Depending on the size of the mast most often a crane is used. Some smaller boats have deck stepped masts and can be put up by securing the base and raising the mast by hand, a ( Full Answer )
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How do you fly a flag at half mast?

You fly a half-mast flag by quickly raising it into the air and then slowly dropping it half way, tie it off, and you are done!
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A picture of a mast of a boat?

Check out the related link below for photos of the Tall Ship "Lady Washington". She's a Brig -- a two masted beauty and the photos are great!
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How many masts did the Santa Maria have?

The Santa Maria was one of three ships taken by ChristopherColumbus to America in 1492. The ship had three masts.
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Who is Eddie Mast?

Eddie Mast was a basketball forward for Temple, NY Knicks, Atlanta Hawks and the Allentown Jets. He was also a coworker of mine in the Sawmill at C.F. Martin & Co., Inc. (Mart ( Full Answer )
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What is a mast head?

the logo and common elements displayed at the top of each page of a website.. It is the point where the power authority connects to its customer. The reference is to the mast ( Full Answer )
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Why do steamships have masts?

Steam-liners had masts for mainly four reasons (although they did serve other purposes, this varied ship to ship) . Late 1800 and early 1900 Steam-liners had masts to suppo ( Full Answer )
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What is windsurfing mast?

It's the strong flexible rod that vertically holds the sail in place. Attached to this is the boom that the windsurfer will hold onto.
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What you is the stern keel sail and mast?

The aftermost sail in a multi-masted boat is typically the mizzen, but in some rigs can be called the spanker as well.
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What is a mast cells?

A cell found in connective tissue that contains numerous basophilic granules and releases substances such as heparin and histamine in response to injury or inflammation of bod ( Full Answer )
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What does the flag at half mast represent?

it means that someone in the army has died in battle It allows the invisible flag of death to fly at the top of the mask
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What is mean by mast inspection?

there is no such thing as a mast inspection. it is mass inspection, wherein the whole group is inspected.
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What is a radar mast?

A radar mast is a high platform to mount a radar antenna such as the radar has an unobstructed view.
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Where are mast cells found in the body?

Mast cells are found primarily in the skin and digestive system, including the liver and spleen, and produce histamine, a chemical most famous for its ability to cause itching ( Full Answer )
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Why was Odysseus tied to the mast?

Odysseus sailed his ship past the reefs where sirens sing,irresistibly drawing sailors to wreck their ships on the rocks. Hehad his men put wax into their ears to block the so ( Full Answer )
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What are mast cell stabilizers?

.prevents the release of mast cell granules, thereby preventing release of histamine and the other chemicals contained in them. It acts as a preventive treatment if it is begu ( Full Answer )
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When do you lower the flag to half mast?

Normal protocol is to fly the flag at half mast to commemmorate the death of a public figure or on certain holidays such as Memorial Day. When flying a flag at half mast, i ( Full Answer )
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How do you determine the height of a mast?

You can determine the height of a mast by using the tangent. Measure the distance from the base, and the angle of elevation of the top of the mast as observed from that distan ( Full Answer )
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Where are phone masts situated?

Just about anywhere !.. In towns & cities - they're placed high up on tall buildings or self-standing masts. The mobile phone network uses microwaves to relay the calls - so i ( Full Answer )
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What is a two masted craft?

Two masted craft can be defined as a crossword riddle clue that was developed in 1800s. On the other hand, a two masted warship is a vessel that is originally armed with eight ( Full Answer )
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Why flags at half mast today?

Flags Are At Half Mast to Honor A loss of someone who died for our american flag.
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Can a captains mast be appealed?

It is the USN form of Non-Judicial punishment which exists in all the services under different names. It is, as the title suggests, not judicial and penalties could take the f ( Full Answer )
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What are the names of the masts on the Endeavour?

There are seven (or more...) ships named Endeavour to choose from. Please access the related Wikipedia link listed below and select one, then update this Question.
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What is the minimum amount of masts on a schooner?

The minimum amount of masts on a schooner is two or more. The foremost mast is typically no taller than the rear mast. These vessels were first used by the Dutch in the 16th a ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Gregg Mast written?

Gregg Mast has written: 'And grace shines through' -- subject(s): Reformed Church, Devotional exercises, Prayer-books and devotions, Spiritual life, English 'The eucharist ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Dietrich Mast written?

Dietrich Mast has written: 'Struktur und Form bei Alexander N. Skrjabin' -- subject(s): Analysis, appreciation, Sonatas (Piano)
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What is forklift mast?

A forklift mast is the column up which the two blades move up anddown to lift and lower a load on a pallet.
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Why did Vikings have a mast on their longboat?

If the wind was favourable, they could stop rowing and rest, whiletheir single rectangular sail helped to carried their longboatalong.