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What is a gauze mat?

a gauze mat is a wire mat which can be used to hold things while they are being burnt in the lab
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What is a mat sensor?

MAT = M anifold A bsolute T emperature, Measures the temperature of the incoming air charge in the intake manifold. On the V6 Fiero this is mounted on the air cleaner canis (MORE)
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What is a matted poodle?

The word matted means that their hair in tangled very bad in knots. Very hard to brush and comb them out.
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Is it place mats or plate mats?

it what you put under your plate on a dinner tabel when you have guests over or a dinner party
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What is mat baynton in?

Mat Baynton is Currently in Horrible Histories, a kids show on CBBC. But he has been in various other things e.g 'Piggy Nero'
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Who is mats Alexander?

mats Alexander is a senior at west vigo and is in love with his girlfriend alyssa pointer. he is currently the varsity middle line backer at west vigo.
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What does array in mat?

In Mathematics, an array is an arrangement of quantities or symbols in rows and columns; a matrix. In Computing, an array is an indexed set of related elements.
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What is a praying mat?

It is a piece of carpet, a rug designed for one person to stand onit and offer prayer. It is also called Jaai Namaz. Generally, theImam (leader of prayer) stands on it in fron (MORE)
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What is the synonym of mat?

The synonym for mat is rug .. you rest on a mat you rest on a rug
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What is a sentence for mat?

Suddenly, the home team's wrestler was thrown to the mat. . The welcome mat is missing.