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What is mating?

Mating is a term used to desrcibe reproduction.
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What do cats do after mating?

first they mate and then they lie on top of each other then they lick each other then if the male really wants to they may mate again and keep on mating again and again for a (MORE)
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What do Oscars do when mating?

The Oscars, or Astronotus ocellatus, from Cichlidae family, are fairly easy fish to breed. All you need is pretty much leaving them alone and letting them do their thing i (MORE)
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Can goldfish get mates?

yes, goldfish can mate, if you keep your goldfish in a pond... they usually mate in spring, and if you keep your goldfish in a tank, they may mate anytime... but they usually (MORE)
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What is the act of mating?

\nseriously?\nwell if you are, it's when to animals have sexual intercourse-doggy style. perdy muchh
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How is mating done?

In animals, mating is done when a female and male come together.The sperm from the male and the ovum from the female fuse to createa new organism.
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What is mates receipt?

A declaration issued by an officer of a vessel stating that certain goods have been received on board his vessel.
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Do vampires have mates?

hi Mia ere 2k9 hi Danielle and vicky you are probably reading this in class with me lol soo hi. i told you that i would write this vicky hehe!:D A vampire is very much the pe (MORE)
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What is mated?

As in past tense of mate. Produced offspring together.
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When is shark mating?

you will know when a shark is mating when u see a male shark and a female shark having sex
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Your horses mated what do you do?

Well, first of all you wanna make sure that the mare and the stallion are both uninjured. if you notice that there are any differences in the way they are acting or any differ (MORE)
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Is anus for mating?

The anus is not for mating.
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Why are your rabbits not mating?

because your rabbits are loners who dont have any friends, and no one would want to mate with them cause their LOSERS
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What is cow mating?

The act of conception for the purpose of producing offspring. A cow can only conceive if she's bred to a bull, not another cow. See the related question below to find out how (MORE)
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Who are Graystripe's mates?

Silverstream - Deceased, Verified StarClan member Millie - Living, as of Fading Echoes
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What do you do if your cockatiel is mating?

If you have another bird in the cage, whether male or female, you should remove the other from the cage permanently, unless you are breeding them. In which case you would remo (MORE)
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What to do when your hamster mates?

Take it to a vet afterwards and talk about what to do about a safe birth. you may have hamster babies to sell or keep soon. if you didn't want this happening you shouldn't hav (MORE)
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Who where Zeus mates?

The mates of Zeus were many: below is a link that may help.
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How do flamingos mates?

the female presents it's buttocks to the male. the male then takes a small Fish which he has acquired beforehand into said buttocks. then he takes her out for a nice meal and (MORE)
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When do cats mate-?

The natural mating season of cats in the Northern Hemisphere isfrom March to September.