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What is mating?

Mating is a term used to desrcibe reproduction.
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How do you get a mate?

you put your best side out there and hope for the best.
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How can you mate?

Through the act of reproduction.
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When do Crows Mate?

It depends on where you are, but in the Northern United States and Canada they start nesting at the end of March, fledging young in late May or June.
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How do cobra's mate?

In the spring after hibernation, the female leaves a scent trailfor the male to follow. During mating, the male snake inserts thehemipenes into the cloaca of the female to tra (MORE)
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What is a mate?

another name for a freind, generally used by Australians.
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In WolfQuest what do you do after finding a mate and how do you and your mate just mate?

you can't.slough creek is coming in a few days so you can have pups in that one! look and at the top and it will say: WolfQuest: (MORE)
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Who is heathertails mate?

Heathertail does not have a mate but she showed affection for Lionblaze and some people think she would be a good mate for Breezepelt. Breezpelt wants her as a mate but she w (MORE)
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Who is ivytails mate?

It is unknown. But it could be Toadfoot, because she was seen sitting close to him.
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When do scallops mate?

scallops mate while the sea water is warm because then they feel safe in warm water
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Who is laurent's mate?

Laurent had no mate until he left James' coven (the American nomads) and followed Carlisle's suggestion to go to the Denali coven (tanya and her family) where he met Irina and (MORE)
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Who was frostfur's mate?

I'm not quite sure. I think it was Lionheart. By the way, someone needs to fix the Warriors website. I says that Brindleface and Whitestorm were mates! WHATEVER!
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What animals kill their mate after mating?

Praying mantises will.They will mate and the female will then eat the head off the male.She will eat some of it and share the rest with her off-spring.
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Why DO seahorses MATE?

They do it to have babies of course and to not be lonly without a child that they made
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How do falcons mate?

Today, Feb.13, 2011 my husband called me outside to watch a falcon that had apparently picked another bird out of the air. Both birds crashed onto a rooftop and then fell to t (MORE)
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What happens if litter mates mate?

the animal that is born will come out with some kinda problem or illness and will have to be heavely treated