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What rhymes with meal?

wheel, reveal, real, kneel, seal, deal, peel, feel, and heal Neal (name), steal, teal, zeal, steal and real! appeal deal , real, feel, seal, steel, Neil, meal Some words th (MORE)
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What is the Oklahoma Meal?

The Oklahoma Legislature kept adding favorite dishes to its list of Official State Symbols until it came up with a virtual banquet. The Official State Meal includes: . Barbec (MORE)
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What is an elevences meal?

It is a meal you would have to break the fast between breakfast and lunch. Most of the time served around ELEVEN o'clock thus the name ELEVENces
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Can a meal be elegant?

elegance is about apparence. A meal could be elegant, but it would be better for it to taste good.
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What are the healthiest meals?

Nothing is really ever the healthiest. Lots of people would say anything that's low in salt and fat, but really its about having a balanced and mixed diet, including having lo (MORE)
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What Judaism meals are there?

On the Sabbath, three meals are held: Friday night, Shabbos morning and afternoon. On festivals, two meals are held. It is also a custom to have a festive meal at a wedding, b (MORE)
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What is a e meal?

I dont know what an e meal is but an email is a letter sent on the computer... I hope that helps?
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Why is the mass a meal?

mass is a meal because it was the last supper with the body and blood of jesus so it is considered a meal
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Why is the meal called a seder meal?

The meal itself is not called a seder. The word seder means 'order' and refers to the religious service held the first night of Passover (Israel) or the first two nights of Pa (MORE)
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Do not skip meals?

Well, there's not big harm in doing it occasionally. But it's not helping anything either. Your body, like a car, runs best when it's fueled regularly, and your body, just lik (MORE)