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What is a Halal meal?

Halal Meal & Food MEAT : Muslims are only allowed to eat meat of domestic animals (Cow, Goat, Sheep, Chicken, Camel, Deer etc.) properly slaughtered in Muslim manner (witho ( Full Answer )
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What is a Happy Meal?

A Happy Meal is a boxed meal for a child, from McDonald's. The box has games a child can play on it, and the meal also comes with a small toy. A Happy Meal comes with either a ( Full Answer )
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What is the seder meal?

There is a ritual feast eaten during the Jewish holiday of Passover which is called a seder. As part of this meal, we recount at length the events of the Exodus.
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What rhymes with meal?

wheel, reveal, real, kneel, seal, deal, peel, feel, and heal Neal (name), steal, teal, zeal, steal and real! appeal deal , real, feel, seal, steel, Neil, meal Some words th ( Full Answer )
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What meal is the healthiest?

Probably Salad or an omellette If you are trying to lose weight i would recommend the womens weekly 21 day wonder diet I lost 7 kilos from that and it is full of tasty but ( Full Answer )
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What is meal replacement?

a meal replacement is a type of low calorie high protein food suppliment that replaces regular 5 food group (meat, veggies,fruit, milk and grain) and other meals with a shake, ( Full Answer )
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What is meal appeal?

Meal appeal probably means presenting food in such a way as to appear appetising and attractive, so that people want to eat it. So, a rich brown casserole or steak with, say, ( Full Answer )
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What is a delicious meal?

A delicious meal is one that consists of a good and varied selection of preparations all of which are highly pleasing to the taste.
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What is a shabbat meal?

After Friday night services and on Shabbat morning after services,we come home, often with guests, make kiddush (blessing over wine)and a blessing over two loaves of bread, an ( Full Answer )
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When is your biggest meal?

Breakfast time because it is your first meal of the day so it gives you more energy to do stuff.. --------- . Most individuals eat a larger meal late in the day, so that it ( Full Answer )
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What is meal in Australia?

Tonight I had fish peas and chips last night lamb chops potatoes and a mix of vegetables consisting of Broccoli beans and carrots. The night before sate meatballs with sti ( Full Answer )
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What is packed meals?

Many people take a packet mid-day meal to work or school, or as a picnic preference to a bought meal in a canteen or a restaurant.
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What is a packed meal?

A packed meal is a meal packaged in a container, to be eaten away from home or away from a restaurant. A packed meal from home would generally be a packed lunch or packed m ( Full Answer )
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What are considered meals?

well a meal is considered something healthy and something unhealthy at the same time so you can eat a piece of steak with a salad with or with out rice but it's all about the ( Full Answer )
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What is in a balanced meal?

a balanced meal is eating a wide variety of foods (a balanced diet) from within and across each of the five food groups, in the amounts recommended. Eating many different f ( Full Answer )
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Are crisps a meal?

Potato crisps (in the US they are called potato chips) are a snack rather than a meal.
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What do you have if you vomit after meals?

do you make yourslef vomit??? that's called anorexia. or maybe bulemia. if u don't make yourself, but you just do, see a doctor. how long has it been going on??
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What is a meal preparation?

A meal preparation is when you or somebody prepares something for them and their family to eat.
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What is the Oklahoma Meal?

The Oklahoma Legislature kept adding favorite dishes to its list of Official State Symbols until it came up with a virtual banquet. The Official State Meal includes: . Barbec ( Full Answer )
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What is an elevences meal?

It is a meal you would have to break the fast between breakfast and lunch. Most of the time served around ELEVEN o'clock thus the name ELEVENces
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Can a meal be elegant?

elegance is about apparence. A meal could be elegant, but it would be better for it to taste good.
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What are the healthiest meals?

Nothing is really ever the healthiest. Lots of people would say anything that's low in salt and fat, but really its about having a balanced and mixed diet, including having lo ( Full Answer )
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What Judaism meals are there?

On the Sabbath, three meals are held: Friday night, Shabbos morning and afternoon. On festivals, two meals are held. It is also a custom to have a festive meal at a wedding, b ( Full Answer )
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What is a e meal?

I dont know what an e meal is but an email is a letter sent on the computer... I hope that helps?
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Why is the mass a meal?

mass is a meal because it was the last supper with the body and blood of jesus so it is considered a meal
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Why is the meal called a seder meal?

The meal itself is not called a seder. The word seder means 'order' and refers to the religious service held the first night of Passover (Israel) or the first two nights of Pa ( Full Answer )
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Do not skip meals?

Well, there's not big harm in doing it occasionally. But it's not helping anything either. Your body, like a car, runs best when it's fueled regularly, and your body, just lik ( Full Answer )
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Is lettuce a meal?

Yes. It is okay for Katie to think of lettuce as a meal. It's salad without the fixin's.
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What is a complete meal?

A complete meal is a meal that has balanced parts of all theimportant food groups in it. Some protein, some carbohydrates, somevitamins, some fats, etc,etc
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What are the Japanese meals?

Japanese generally eat three meals: asagohan/choshoku, hirugohan/chushoku, and yugohan/yushoku. They correspond to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and are eaten t approximately ( Full Answer )
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What is meal plainning?

A meal plan is a way of eating that follows a set of instructions or rules. Meal plans might include calorie counts, nutrient breakdowns, suggested menus and snacks, cooking a ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of meal?

Meal has following meanings: 1 - Food - to have three meals a day. 2 - Quantity of milk given by a dairy cow after each daily milking. 3 - As a verb (to meal) - to grind ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of meals?

Ancient folklore suggests that meals or mealhaggen was a time forfamily union and bonding. Scholars have argued the notion thatsupper was once known for being the biggest of m ( Full Answer )
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What meal is not nutritious?

Many meals are not very nutritious. McDonalds, fast food, junkfood, all those things that are commonly known as bad for you.Saying something is not nutritious is like saying w ( Full Answer )
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What is Meal experience?

Meal Experience is a experience during having any Food and Beverage in any Restaurant or in any F&B Service section.