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Is Meg the real name of Meg Cabot?

Meg Cabot real name isMeggin Patricia Cabot. Her name is really Meggin Patricia Cabot but two other names she used for pen names when she needed to use them are Jenny Carrol ( Full Answer )
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Did Meg Ryan have plastic surgery?

Yes, she did. She did something to her nose and mouth. She is still pretty but she was prettier before.
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What is megging a circuit?

It`s testing the isolation of the cable. You use a isolation tester with 250,500,100Vdc depending on the cable
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Who is Meg Griffin?

Meg Griffin is a fictional cartoon character from the show Family Guy . She is the daughter of Lois and Peter Griffin and the sister to Chris and Stewie Griffin. Meg is usual ( Full Answer )
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What is a meg?

Meg is not a word. The proper way to say it would be Megabits, Megabytes, Gigabits, and Gigabytes. There are 8 bits in a byte. There are 1024 megabytes in one gigabyte. There ( Full Answer )
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Who is meg griffian?

She Is The Daughter Of Lois & Peter Griffin & Sister Of Chris & Stewie Griffin.
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How many meg ohms equals 10000 meg ohms?

if a hen lays 10 eggs then the product of 1000 hens will be equal to 10000 meg ohms.... Scientist F.Wangdu....
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What does Meg stand for?

When someone says Meg, they usually are referencing a Megabyte, which is a term for computer storage.
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How many friends does meg have?

lots and lots and lots, to many to keep count of, probably more then you.
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Who is meg whiteman?

Meg Whitman is a campaign in the governor or 2010... which lost of jerry brown... meg Whitman spent over 141 million dollars.. to win.. but lost.
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Who is Meg Ryan married to?

Meg Ryan was married to Dennis Quaid from 1991 to 2001, currently though she is unmarried.
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What is meg cabot's fan address?

Search it up or go on her website. Don't trust unknown resources. he does not have one
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How many meg downloading video?

What? If you meant how many megs does it take to download a youtube video, it will depend on how big the video is
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Is Meg Persephone in the movie 'Hercules'?

No. In Greek mythology, Meg was short for Megara, and she was the oldest daughter of Creon, the king of Thebes. When Hercules was turned mad by Hera, he killed their child, an ( Full Answer )
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Does meg Ryan smoke?

yes, meg ryan really smokes a lot even in her roles or IRL. Meg isable to be a smoker since 1975 . She even denied this habit, butshe was confessed after her role Kate & Leopo ( Full Answer )
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Is meg Ryan gay?

If they aren't successful, they can vanish after two weeks. So anywhere between 2 weeks to six months.
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How tall is Meg Whitman?

It has been said that she is 6 feet tall or even a little over it believe it or not.
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What are Meg Cabot's major accomplishments?

One of her major acomplishment was that she published her first book at the age or 27. Another one is she won the award of best selling author in New York! :)
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Is Meg Whitman pro life?

There does not appear to be any information available to answer this question. Perhaps you should do a more extensive search using your favorite search engine.
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Does Meg Griffin have a job?

She does not currently (as of March 2012) have a job but she has worked at Flappy Jacks, at Carl's convenience store & at Superstore.
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Is meg the same as a megabyte?

Yes it is the same. It's like GB for gigabytes or TB for terabytes :D
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Does Brian like Meg?

Yes. He likes her as a person. In Dial Meg for Murder he read the very nice article he wrote about her & In Seahorse Seashell Party , (if I recall the line correctly) he ad ( Full Answer )
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What does Meg like to do?

Find good lookin guys and hope that they like her, although they never do. And the only guy who likes her is Neil Goldman, but she doesn't like him back.
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How many meg in 1 gig?

1024 MB= 1 GB Mega is always given an upper case M and Byte is always given an upper case B as is Giga.
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Why is meg hated on family guy?

It's a running joke. At the beginning she was liked but then as the show progressed she's become less liked. I think its kind of like a play on the Jan Brady middle child thin ( Full Answer )
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What is Meg short for?

Meg is short for Margaret. It can also be short for Megan, Meaghan, or Meghan.
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Who does Meg Griffin have a crush on?

She doesn't have a long standing crush on anybody within the show. There have been single episodes where she's crushed on Joe, on Brian, on Tom Tucker, although it was revea ( Full Answer )
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Is 72.38 a lot of megs?

Asuming you mean Megabytes, or Mbps, then no. There is ruffly 1000 mbps in 1 Gb. So a 100 Gb drive can hold 100000 Mbps. The average computer in 2011 has a 250 to 500 GB hard ( Full Answer )
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How fast is 2 megs of broadband?

It could be any where between a few minutes to a few hours depending on the bandwidth of your connection.
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Who is meg giry's father?

Madame Giry is the Mother of Meg Giry but who the father is has never been revealed in the Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux or by Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage and movie ve ( Full Answer )
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Who is Meg Jacobs?

Meg Jacobs is the definition of goodness. She loves all creatures and nations. She has welcomed warmly into the Australian community. If I was to make a new human being, I wou ( Full Answer )
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What does meg Cabot like to do?

well she likes to well i dont know that much but i know she does like to go shopping
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Who are meg cabots kids?

No, she doesn't have any children. But she does have two cats, Henrietta and Gem.
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Is meg in love?

YES. meg is in love with a hansom chap named kenoo. she loves his deep meaningful eyes. :) love yu MEG
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How do you spell meg?

The proper noun Meg is a short form of the female given name Meghan or Megan. The slang use of the term "meg" was to represent a "megabyte" of data storage, or as a "megapi ( Full Answer )