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What does the prefix mega- mean?

mega- means 1 million , or 1,000,000 . or 10 6 . . A megawatt is 1,000,000 watts . A megaton is 1,000,000 tons . megahertz is 1,000,000 cycles per second . A megaby (MORE)
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Is there going to be a mega-man movie?

Yes...Well, hopefully there is. I saw a trailer for Mega man the movie by eddielebron. I hope this answered your Question. Protoman10
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Where can you find megas xlr episodes?

this is the best site to find stuf. this is the best site to find stuf. this is the best site to find stuf
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How many mega-pixels are your eyes?

The human eye is an analog receiver, not digital. Megapixels do not(truly) apply. As digital cameras have CCDs with a number of photosites (whichdetermine the "megapixel" cou (MORE)
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Where do you download mega-man zero?

i did in cool a: b:rom files game boy advance c: search roms by m d: dowload megaman zero any version {don't forget the emulater to play it vis (MORE)
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How does zero from mega- man die?

he never died. if you have mega man zero 4, at the ending when you see zero's destroyed helmet, if u look close to the sun, you will see a shadow of a figure just standing the (MORE)
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What is mega-squared?

The mega- prefix means 10 6 , so (mega-) 2 would be: (mega-) 2 = (10 6 ) 2 = 10 12 = tera- (prefix) .
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When was Megas born?

Megas was born on April 7, 1945.
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How old is Megas?

Megas is 66 years old (birthdate: April 7, 1945).
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What is the mega-tsaunmi?

Info ------- The Mega-Tsunami is much bigger than a normal tsunami... Tsunamis can reach 30-100 feet, wow! While a Mega-Tsunami can reach over 1000 feet! (MORE)
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What are the names the mega-continents?

There are two mega-continents today: America (composed of North and South America) and Afro-Eurasia (composed of Africa, Europe, and Asia).