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What is melanism?

I'm pretty sure that melanism causes a darker exterior color, such as in the moth Biston bestulai, which changed to a darker color over time to survive birds over hunting.

What is Industrial melanism?

Industrial melanism is the darkening of the skin, feathers or furof a group of animals that live in a soot-darkened region. Themelanization takes place slowly over generations (MORE)
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How did industrial melanism has affected moths?

The effects industrial melanism is that it has produced moredark-colored moths than lighter ones. It has changed balance ofpopulation between the two types since the lighter o (MORE)

Who is Cesar melan?

Cesar Melan (Millan) is a dog trainer who had his own televisionshow, The Dog Whisperer. He is well known around the world for hisdog training books, DVDs, and video tutorials (MORE)