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Can you freeze melon?

Yes melon can be frozen, however it should be used within one month if frozen.
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What are facts about melons?

Melons were first cultivated in Asia. There are two classes of melons; musk melons and watermelons
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Where do melons grow?

There are many types of melons like watermelon, honey dew melon,cantaloupe and more. Generally speaking, melons grow inwell-drained soil in hot, sunny locations.
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Where are melons grown?

The global world production of melons is 28.3 million (metric) tons. China is the major producer (over 15.1 million tons), Turkey and Iran (1.2 million tonnes each), Spain, ( Full Answer )
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How big are melons?

Well it depends on who you are talking about and/or who they are. ;) me and my mates have bigguns.
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Is a watermelon a melon?

Yes, it is. Use the link to the Wikipedia article on the melon so you can see what is and what isn't.
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What is the English of melon?

The English of melon is generally melon. We have different names for the different kinds. Watermelon, muskmelon (the same thing as cantaloupe), honeydew are some varieties.
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Mango a melon?

No, a mango is not a melon. Melons do not grow on trees, they grow on vines. Mangos, on the other hand, do grow on trees.
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Is melon bad for you?

Melon can be only bad for you if you overindulge and may need to visit the toilet on a frequent basis... this can be a tad annoying when you are with a new date and are trying ( Full Answer )
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How do you do a melon grab?

First you need to get BIG air... if you want a good nose grab that is! . Secondly you must quickly hold on to the nose then when you are about to land let go! . Two easy ( Full Answer )
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What is a marsh melon?

Similar to a canteloupe in flavor, but they grow in clusters. Each is about the size of a cow's eyeball.
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What does the melon of a dolphin do?

The melon of a dolphin is just a fancy word for its forehead. The dolphin uses it for sending sound waves so they can see what an object is. This process is called echolocatio ( Full Answer )
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What does melon mean?

A type of fruit. . A light pinkish orange colour . Slang for breasts. . The head.
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Can you save a melon?

Only if the melon wants to be saved. Sure Take it to church and baptize, preach and sprinkle it withholy water!
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What does a dolphins melon do?

the melon allows the dolphin to echolocate its food by rebounding sound off of surfaces back to the melon or to communicate with other dolphins.
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Is melon good for you?

Yah of course, all fruit is good for you..... you can pretty much say anything is good for you, but not Mc Donalds
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What is a Gala melon?

I believe you are meaning a Galia melon...much like a cantaloupe. See a picture and information at this link.
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What is a plumgrannie melon?

The Plum Granny melon, or Queen Anne's pocket melon, is a melon the size of a tennis ball famous for its strong fragrance. When ripe, plum granny melons are dark orange with ( Full Answer )
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Where do melons and water melon come from?

Almost everybody loves some sort of melon, whether it be muskmelon, honeydew melon, or watermelon. And when something is so popular today, it is hard to believe that it has ac ( Full Answer )
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Is melon a vegetable?

Melon is a fruit, it is a false berry. Some varieties may be considered as culinary vegetables Yes, water melon is a vegetable.
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Where did melon come from melon?

melon come from a tr4ee calleda melon tree u find this in places like tenarife. :) :p
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What are dolphin melons?

dolphin melons are in front of the dolphins brain, it allows the dolphin to sense its food from miles away by using echolocation.
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What can you put with melon?

Well...i don't think you can put anything with melon because melon doesnt match with anythin really Hope i helped :D
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How do you store melons?

· To store melons, you should keep them at room temperature for a few days. Once you've cut it you should put it in the fridge and consume within a few days. Hope this hel ( Full Answer )
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What is melon disease?

it is a type of disease where your stomach swells to look like a melon hence the name "melons disease" you may also notice your eyes, teeth or nails going yellow. you should s ( Full Answer )
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Is a potato a melon?

No, a potato and a melon are two completely different things. For one thing, a potato grows under the ground, and a melon grows on a melon vine.
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Is melon a carbohydrate?

There is carbohydrate in melon. All vegetables and fruits contain carbohydrate. For the number of carbohydrates in melons, of various types, please see the page links, further ( Full Answer )
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What is a dung melon?

This is a fruit I have not had any personal contact with, nor is it anything that has ever been known by those who I have asked. I have however seen such a phrase used to desc ( Full Answer )
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What is a melon scoop?

a melon scoop is like a spoon or a ice-cream scoop it gets rid of the seeds inside a melon.
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What colour is a melon?

The outside shell of the melon is dark green with light green stripes, but inside the shell of a melon is red with seeds
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What is Irish melon?

A cocktail. Cocktail Ingredients: 1. Vodka - 1/2 oz. 2. Midori Melon Liqueur - 1/2 oz.
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What is the price of melons?

The price of melons varies. The most expensive melons are Yubari Melons. Once one was auctioned for $22,872!
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Is a kiwi a melon?

The kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand. The kiwifruit is a vine fruit, but it is not a melon.
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Is melon a legume?

A melon is not a legume - legumes grow in pods such as beans and peas, lentils, peanuts, clover, lupins and soy
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Benefits from melons?

Certain benefits that you can receive from melons is a source ofvitamin A which is helpful for good vision. Another benefit is theyare rich in potassium which can help to cont ( Full Answer )