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What are facts about melons?

Melons were first cultivated in Asia. There are two classes of melons; musk melons and watermelons
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Where do melons grow?

There are many types of melons like watermelon, honey dew melon,cantaloupe and more. Generally speaking, melons grow inwell-drained soil in hot, sunny locations.
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What vitamins are in melons?

Melon is a juicy fruit that contains cellulose, proteins ,potassium , irons, Vitamins A , B , and lot of vitamin C .
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Where are melons grown?

The global world production of melons is 28.3 million (metric) tons. China is the major producer (over 15.1 million tons), Turkey and Iran (1.2 million tonnes each), Spain, (MORE)
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How big are melons?

Well it depends on who you are talking about and/or who they are. ;) me and my mates have bigguns.
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Types of melons?

Watermelon. Honey Dew. Cantaloupe
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Where did melons originate?

in Africa. however some forms of melons were produced in Germany
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What are gros melons?

'gros melons' are big melons. Often a vulgar reference to large breasts.
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What are dolphin melons?

dolphin melons are in front of the dolphins brain, it allows the dolphin to sense its food from miles away by using echolocation.
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How do you store melons?

· To store melons, you should keep them at room temperature for a few days. Once you've cut it you should put it in the fridge and consume within a few days. Hope this hel (MORE)
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What is the price of melons?

The price of melons varies. The most expensive melons are Yubari Melons. Once one was auctioned for $22,872!
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Are melons 3D?

Well, their not flat so yes.
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Who is Moyra Melons?

Moyra Melons is a British adult model with natural 34EE breasts.
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Are armadillos melons?

No, armadillos are not melons. Armadillos are animals and melons are fruit
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Benefits from melons?

Certain benefits that you can receive from melons is a source ofvitamin A which is helpful for good vision. Another benefit is theyare rich in potassium which can help to cont (MORE)