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What attracts men to men?

Answer The previous answer did not answer the question so I deleted it. The truth is that men are attracted to me for multiple and varying reasons. For instance, a guy might ( Full Answer )
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Why do men kill men?

Some of the most common reasons people kill are: For revenge Because they are serial killers Because they are gang members Because of mental illness Because of political or na ( Full Answer )
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What do men see in other men?

Different men have different types of people and different specific body types they are attracted to. This can run the gamut between feminine, slender and small to burly and h ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay for men to kiss men?

It depends on personal opinion. Some people think it is okay andsome people think it isn't. Different countries have different lawsregarding this as well, under some laws, it ( Full Answer )
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When do men become men?

when there ready to take care of themselves and not supply on the parents. Alternate Answer: When you are not only aware that your actions have consequences but you are also ( Full Answer )
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Do straight men think about men?

Yes -- about 80% of us are at least capable of a homosexual act leading to orgasm. So it stands to reason that a lot of us are going run into at least one guy who makes us thi ( Full Answer )
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Who were these men?

Men are horrible. Men are... um lets see,useless, unforgivable, stinky, and lets see, EVERYTHING ELSE BUT GOOD!!
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Men not to be with another men?

I'm not sure I understand your question. I think it is good for men to be with other men. They understand the same things and can please each other just as well as a female. G ( Full Answer )
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Why do men like other men?

Because that is the sexual orientation they were born with regardless of whether they identify as bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible, or something else.
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What was mens mens fashion in 1967?

It depends on what country, what age and what class the people where. 1967 is the start of hippies move into the maintstream so hair was long, jeans where flared and beards se ( Full Answer )
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Why men?

\n. \nWhy not?\n. \n'Cause if you are the same gender as your love, it means that you are either a lesbian, or a gay.
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Who were the king's men or chamberlain's men?

They were an Elizabethan and Jacobean acting company who were around from 1594 to 1642. Their most famous members were William Shakespeare and Richard Burbage.
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What is mens'?

noun, plural men's.. 1.. a range of sizes in even and odd numbers for garments made for men.. 2.. a garment in this size range.. 3.. the department or section of a store ( Full Answer )
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Why are men men?

Men are men because of their genetics. The genetics from the father either pass an X or a Y chromosome to the child. If it is Y, the child is a boy and will grow to be a man. ( Full Answer )
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Why do men fantasize about other men?

Some men may fantasize about other men because they have a "mancrush" or they are homosexuals. if a man has reoccuring fantasyies then he is most likely a lil homo. if it is j ( Full Answer )
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Married men with gay men?

A minority of men who are married to women are also attracted to other men who they may deem attractive, enjoy their company, or it could be simply a matter of opportunity pre ( Full Answer )
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Why do men get attracted to men?

Why is anyone attracted to anyone? You can list superficial things like hair color, body type, common interests, money, power or position, but someone can have all the things ( Full Answer )
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Why do men look at other men?

In general or at their equipment? The answer is the same for both. Most men are very insecure. They check each other out to see how they rank in the group they are in. Who is ( Full Answer )
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Why men like men?

If a man likes another man it isn't a bad thing. It simply means they do not feel attracted to women. Their bodies still function the same, but women just do not appeal to the ( Full Answer )
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Do men have men bras?

Not considering the joke from Seinfeld aka the "bro" or "manzeer" I have never heard of a man's bra. However I have seen a type of corset for men to hold their stomachs in.
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How do men do it?

Believe me if i knew i would make millions of pounds selling it to them ;) if you know what i mean ;)
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Why do men like men?

If a man likes another man it isn't a bad thing. Everyone likes some men and dislikes other men (... and women). Some men love some other men and some fall in love with other ( Full Answer )
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How were men treated in Of Mice and Men?

It depends on the terms. Take crooks, he was dark skinned, and treated lower in class than that of the others, he was just the 'stable buck'. All men were seemingly trea ( Full Answer )
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Why is it that men are actually men?

because they have an X and a Y chromosome while females have two X chromosomes. chromosomes hold genes which are comprised of dna. these genes are like the building instructio ( Full Answer )
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What can men do to increase erection in men?

that sounds really gay What are you asking? Do you want to get a better erection? Or are you trying get another guy to have erection ? If the question was the second one I a ( Full Answer )
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What are the King's Men or Chamberlain's Men?

They are two names for the acting company that William Shakespeare was part of. It was called the Lord Chamberlain's Men 1594-1603 and The King's Men after 1603.
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Why does men have a but?

If they didn't, then what would they sit on? Then women would not be able to say that men have any fat because without a butt, they'd be skin, bones, and blood!
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How do men portray themselves as men?

You must first be confident enough to realize you are a man and once you've accomplished that. You will be portrayed as one! Mindset is the root of all accomplishments. If you ( Full Answer )
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Are gay men real men?

Yes. ALL men are real men. There is no such thing as a human male(transgendered, gay, or otherwise) that is not a real man.
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How many men are in a platoon of men?

In most armies a platoon is approximately 30 men and is classically commanded by one sergeant and one junior officer.
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Who were the king's men and the chamberlain men?

\n. The same group of actors, led by Richard Burbage, and who were known as the Lord Chamberlain's Men from 1594 to 1603 and the King's Men thereafter.