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Who are the X-Men?

the x men are a group of mutents that are trying to stop the war of humans v.s mutants with the help of xavier that is in the futer helping them along th way. here r the carac (MORE)
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What is the X-Men?

A group of mutants (the next step in evolution/gift from God whom are granted extra powers) founded by professor Xavier, a mutant who sits in a wheelchair because of his damag (MORE)
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The menning of chubby?

Chubby is a term used to indicate someone is overweight. This canbe a chubby cheeked baby or a chubby teen with baby fat.
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What was mens mens fashion in 1967?

It depends on what country, what age and what class the people where. 1967 is the start of hippies move into the maintstream so hair was long, jeans where flared and beards se (MORE)
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What is mens'?

noun, plural men's.. 1.. a range of sizes in even and odd numbers for garments made for men.. 2.. a garment in this size range.. 3.. the department or section of a store (MORE)
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What is the mens apparatuses?

The six mens apparatus in order are: Floor Exercise Pommel Horse Rings Vault Parallel Bars Horizontal Bar
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How can you be an x-men?

To be an X men, you must have a supernatural gift of some sort and be able to use it for good. You must go to Washington and find XAVIER HIGH and go underground and find Dr Je (MORE)
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What do you do in mens halfpipe?

you have to be 13 and weigh less than 75 pounds plus you have to be smaller than 4 11''
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Is there mens lingerie?

Yes, Japanese has innovated lingerie for men, you can check this on search engine you will find a source to buy.
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What can X-men do?

It largely depends on the individual. As a whole, however, there are some abilities they all have in common, such as the ability to breathe and communicate.
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What is the menning of sumit?

Well first, You spelled ,"Menning" wrong which is "meaning" and to Submit means to enter.
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What is menning of sumit?

Sumit is a Hindi name which means "A very good friend".
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What is menning with horses?

menning is when you love patting horses and everyhting to do with touching them :)
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What is mens by ics?

I believe you mean Internet Connection Sharing, a Microsoft Windows-based technology that allows one computer to act as a proxy for another computer; the other computer can us (MORE)
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What Can the X-Men do?

Well they are a team of mutants and they all have there own unique powers. Read the comics, they are great!
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What is the menning of herpes?

Not sure what you mean by that. Herpes is a contagious virus that affects the skin around the mouth or genitals. Herpes isn't a short form or acronym for any thing.
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What mens bc?

B.C. means Before Christ.