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What does mas o menos mean?

It means More or less Translation: So so, or more or less, More or less
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What does menos mean in English?

According to a rough translation of the Bleach anime from Japanese to English, which uses many Spanish words to describe types of Hollow, Menos is spanish for minus or lesser. ( Full Answer )
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What is mas o menos?

MAS O MENOS MEANS OKAY. It literally means 'more or less'but it is generally translated as "so, so" which is just a notchbelow "OK". It is literally translated from Spanish a ( Full Answer )
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What does menos mean in spanish?

The word "menos" in Spanish translates to the word "less" inEnglish. This word in English means not so much.
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How did King Menos united Egypt?

The name of the king in question is Menes, not Menos. He united theUpper and Lower Egyptian kingdoms about five thousand years agothrough military conquest.
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What does menos cuarto mean?

It is used in telling time, it means 'minus a quarter or 15 minutes'. Ex. - Son las tres menos cuarto = It is 2:45.
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What does menos quarto mean?

its for time menos = minus quarto = 4 So put it together minus 4. Normally its used for time because you can't go over 30 minutes. so if its over 30 you say menos number ( Full Answer )
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What does mas o menos yo quiero domir mean?

More or less I want to sleep. Or I'm kind of tired , or or you just don't know weather you want to go to sleep or not.
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Les hecho de menos in English?

It's probably "les echo de menos" and it means "I miss you", where "you" is plural.
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How do you say son las tres menos diez in English?

Just like it's spelled. Here's the sounding out letters: ese, oh, ene, space, ele, ah, ese, space, teh, ere, eh, ese, space, eme, eh, ene, oh, ese, space, deh, e, eh, zeta. ( Full Answer )
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Who played mas y menos on Teen Titans?

Mas y Menos on Teen Titans were both voiced by Freddy Rodriguez. Hehas also appeared in several live-action films such as Grindhouseand Lady In The Water.
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What is the meaning of menos pause?

Menopause is the transition period in a woman's life when her ovaries stop producing eggs, her body produces less estrogen and progesterone, and menstruation becomes less freq ( Full Answer )
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What does son las tres menos cuatro mean?

It is a quarter till three Be careful! If it's "menos cuarto", it's a quarter of. If it's "menos cuatro" (the r and t are reversed) it's only 4 minutes before the hour.
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What is Neuve menos Siete mean in spanish?

" Nueve menos siete " can mean the following: . Time : "Seven minutes to nine" or "8:53". . Mathematics : "Nine minus seven" or "9 - 7".
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What is menos cinco?

menos cinco = minus five ex: nueve menos cinco son cuatro = nine minus five is four
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What does poco meno mosso mean?

"Poco meno mosso" means "a little less movement or motion." This isa term used in music to tell players to play their instruments witha slower tempo.
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What does es la una menos diez mean?

ok its .. es una menos diez. there is no la.. its means its ten to one. Or literal its one minus ten, talking in time.
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What does echo de menos mean?

Echo de menos means you miss something or someone, for example "Te echo de menos" means I miss you. More commonly used in Spain than Central and South American countries I bel ( Full Answer )
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What does es la una menos cinco?

It is five 'till one (12:55, regarding the time of day). Translate literally to something similar to "it is one minus five."
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What does las tres menos veintidos?

The entire statement would be "Son las tres menos veintidos" and ittranslates from Spanish as "It is three minus twentytwo." In otherwords, they are saying the time is 2:38
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How do you answer to mas o menos?

Generally, 'más o menos' IS an answer. It means 'more or less.' It's a frequent reply to -¿Cómo está? 'How are you?' How do you answer an answer? You might follow ( Full Answer )
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What does son las doce menos diez mean?

it is saying the time son las doce menos diez= 11:50 translated roughly it means 12 minus 10 (11:50)
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Where does the last name meno come from?

This surname Meno could be of Spanish, Japanese, Danish, French or others. Depending on your heritage, you could originate from one of the followings above. The origins are ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a meno for 1 week without repetition of recipe?

It's wise to consider planning menus in advance. It saves money, time and is a big stress reliever, plus it cuts down on trips to the store and allows you to plan nutritious m ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find information on Meno?

There are many places where a person could go to find information on the Socratic dialogue of Meno. One could go to their local library and ask the librarian for the reference ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Jenni Meno been in?

Jenni Meno has: Played herself in "An Evening of Championship Skating" in 1992. Played herself in "1994 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Competition and Exhibition Highlights" i ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Joe Meno written?

Joe Meno has written: 'BrickJournal Compendium Volume 1' 'The Boy Detective Fails (Punk Planet Books)' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Fiction, Literature 'Demons in the sprin ( Full Answer )