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How do you remove ingrown hair from the pubic area?

Answer . Very carefully!!!! Best bet is to use a hot compress on it which is hot washcloth or cotton ball and apply and let the heat sit on it, do this a few times wheneve (MORE)
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How do you treat ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs are caused by wet shaving with a straight edge razor blade and by waxing. The hair gets sliced diagonally by the razor blade in the case of the razor, and the (MORE)
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Hair removal for men?

I would recommend to use laser technology for men and women forhair removal.. as it is the safest and the it gives results for alonger period of time.. I hope you have heard o (MORE)
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What do you do after the puss drained from the ingrown hair?

If the affected area is swollen, apply a topical anti-inflammatory ointment that can help reduce swelling caused by the ingrown hair. . If the ingrown hairs have incubate to (MORE)
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Ways to get rid of ingrown hairs?

If the hair is shallow enough that you can see it through the skin, you may proceed. . Wash the area over and surrounding the ingrown hairs with warm water, to soften the ski (MORE)
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Treatment of infected ingrown hair?

Put an anti-bacterial cream on or near it (like neosporen, for example) to prevent further infection. If the infection is really bad, get a prescription for antibiotics. You c (MORE)
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Are ingrown hairs harmful?

No, not really, just painful. I just got done plucking some. LOL, I am a guy with long hair, though. Here's a page with good information about ingrown hairs, what causes (MORE)
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Can you use veet after an ingrown hair?

I'm not sure, but I used Veet on my stomach and back and now I have ingrown hairs all over and they're really itchy (at least i think they are ingrown hairs usually pimples ar (MORE)
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Why do you get ingrown hair?

There are a couple of reasons you could get ingrown hair. 1. Primarily from shaving or removing the hair so that some of the follicle remains beneath the skin surface. The (MORE)
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Pictures of ingrown hair on the scalp?

There are several pictures in medical books of hair that is ingrownon the scalp. You can find these books in a library or even at yourlocal doctors office.
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What is the main treatment of an ingrown hairs?

Exfoliate the area twice a day where ingrown hair is visible. You can use olive oil and sugar as an exfoliant. If the affected area is swollen, apply a topical anti-inflammato (MORE)
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How to get rid of an ingrown hair?

Since an ingrown hair often results in a festering sore, you shouldseek medical attention if it has become infected or very large.Most ingrown hairs (if full of pus), can be e (MORE)
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Does puss come out of an ingrown hair?

yes it does. apply hot water on a rag, swab it with alcohol, n if it gets dry use lotion and eventually it will come to a head so you should squeeze it. then it will become re (MORE)
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Why do you keep getting ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hair are caused by shaving, waxing and wearing tight clothing. People who have a coarser hair have the highest possibly to develop ingrown hair.
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How do you remove ingrown hairs in your armpits?

The best thing to do is just to wash them with warm water and a soapy washcloth. They should remedy themselves in a couple of days. To prevent them, make sure to wash away any (MORE)
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