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Why is -ment a noun?

It's easily a noun. For example, let's take a commonly used one. Attachment. The attachment on your email didn't come through. Another one is department . His depart (MORE)
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What Spanish word ends with mente?

A LOT of Spanish words end with "mente." It is an ending that makes a word an adverb. See the Related Link below.
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Non compos mentes?

Non compos mentis means someone does not have mastery of their own mind; not of sound mind.
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A list of words with the suffix -ment?

Some words with the suffix 'ment' are: . allotment . atonement . banishment . basement . cement . development . easement . element . equipment . experiment . ferme (MORE)
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What does mente mean?

Mente = Mind The suffix -mente is the generally the same as the English suffix -ly
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Where are pennies mented?

Pennies are minted at three locations in the US; The San Francisco Mint, The Denver Mint and the Philadelphia Mint. Pennies from San Francisco have an "S" on them. Pennies fro (MORE)
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What does suave mente mean?

Suavemente is a song and an album by Puerto Rican merenguero Elvis Crespo, literally meaning "smoothly" or "softly" in Spanish
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What nouns end in -ment?

Some nouns that end with the suffix -ment are: . apartment . basement . element . payment . shipment . statement
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Where can you buy Japanese re-ments?

The sell Japanese re-ments in an online shop called modes4u they Don't really sell re-ments in shops unless your in an a country that produces it
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What word ends in the suffix -ment?

Many words end with the suffix -ment. Some words include: document, statement, fundament, enjoyment, etc.
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When was Kristin Mente born?

Kristin Mente was born on August 24, 1974, in West Point, New York, USA.