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What is mist?

The most common definition is a thin fog; it is not quite like drizzle, but more like a cloud of fine droplets of water in the atmosphere. In medicine, some kinds of drugs ar ( Full Answer )
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How is mist created?

mist is created by cold air clashing with warmth then it is so cold that the water turns into mist
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Is mist water?

The definition of mist is: Matter hanging in air and Water hanging about in drops.
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What are the plagues in The Mist?

If you're referring to the Stephen King movie, The Mist , then: there are no plagues. The creatures are from another dimension.
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How is mist formed?

Mist is performed by fine droplets of liquid in a gas... so an example would be in the shower when their is white steam coming out which is basically mist. the persin at the ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get a mist stone?

You can't, the mist stone is completely fake, there is no way of getting it. Although I have heard you can get it with a gameshark, it would not have an effect on pokemon beca ( Full Answer )
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The plot for The Mist?

A powerful thunderstorm unleashes a mist that envelops a small Maine town. Dozens are trapped inside a supermarket knowing that in the mist are horrible creatures which feed o ( Full Answer )
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What is the maid of the mist?

Maid of the Mist is the 1915 movie directed by Joe De Grasse It is also the name of the excursion boat that takes tourists to Niagara Falls.
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What is body mist?

a body mist is usually used after you shower it puts moisture back into your skin after the shower washes it away (keeps your skin from being to dry)almost like lotion except ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with mist?

list, kissed, wrist, gist, cyst, pissed, dissed, hissed, fist. For starters, cyst, fist, list, twist, gist, chemist (and a lot of other "ist"s like biologist, physicist, hypn ( Full Answer )
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How is mist made?

Mist is formed by fine droplets of water in the atmosphere near theearth and commonly occurs when cold air rises above warmer water.Mist causes a haze that can blur the vision ( Full Answer )
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What is a mist extractor?

A mist extractor, quite simply, removes moist air from a room. Too much moisture can lead to mould.
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What do mist runes do?

it is water+air rune combined into one- takes up 1/2 the inventory space, costs 5 times as much.
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How does mist form?

It is formed by hot air and cold air reacting together. When they mix they created mist. your shower acts like a hot air machine. the mirror is the cold air so. when they both ( Full Answer )
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What is a mist blower?

This is a machine that is just like a knapsack sprayer except it iseither electric or diesel powered, it is used to spray for pestsuch as mosquitoes, may bees, caterpillars, m ( Full Answer )
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What is the mist about?

the mist is about clouds of mist trapping people inside a store because the mist had flesh eating monsters.
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How is mist form?

Outdoor mist is actually a low-lying cloud. It forms when the air is too cold to keep its moisture in the form of vapor. Or when moist warm air meets cold air.
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How do you marry Mist?

What game are you playing? Mist is a marriage option in Rune Factory 1 and Rune Factory: Frontier. The way you get married is different in both games. To marry Mist in R ( Full Answer )
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What is a misting system?

Misting Systems enables you to create a cool environment even insummer. Misting systems actually designed in many forms likemisting fans, misting tents, portable misting syste ( Full Answer )
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What is the mist chamber?

fine spray of water is called mist. it increases the humidity ofthe environment, usually setup in glass houses to give a favourableenvironment to the plants. gives a rain fore ( Full Answer )
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Is mist a liquid?

NOT: mist is a state between a gas and liquid (supercritical) Corrected: Mist is a heterogenous mixture of very tiny water droplets (liquid) 'hanging' in the air (gas). ( Full Answer )
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What is mist eliminator?

it is made of knitted wire mesh forms primary parts for the mistcollection systems. Zhengyang offers a full line of mist collectorsincluding continuous duty centrifugals. M ( Full Answer )
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What metaphors are in The Mist?

First the supermarket is a metaphor to the daily life we live.We have food and people around us and we are in familiar territory.And we are afraid of the unknown,The Mist outs ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a Mist 2?

No, but there was a one season TV series that aired in the Summerof 2017 on FX but it differed from the film in that the mist didnot contain monsters. It simply messed with th ( Full Answer )
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What is the movie The Mist about?

Based on the Stephen King novella (published in Skeleton Crew , a collection of his short stories), The Mist is about creatures from another dimension that cross over into ( Full Answer )
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What is 'mist' in Italian?

" Nebbia " is an Italian equivalent of "mist." The Italian word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article is " la " ("the"), and its singular indefinite article " una ( Full Answer )
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Why there is mist on the window?

If the moisture is on the inside surface than the humidity inside your home is high. If it is in between the 2 panes of glass in an insulated unit than the seal has failed and ( Full Answer )
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Is there mist in Antarctica?

Mist in the form of diamond dust: frozen crystals of water are a phenomenon in the Antarctic region.
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What is miste?

The abbreviation of MISTE stands for Member of Indian Society forTechnical Education. There is no known English definition for theword "miste".
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What is Irish for 'mist'?

The word ceo is used for fog or mist. The word ceo is used for fog or mist. The word ceo is used for fog or mist. The word ceo is used for fog or mist. The word c ( Full Answer )
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What is mist Alba?

Agents that work by their osmotic propeties,thus increasing the stimulation of fluid secretion,therby promoting bowel used for the relief of occational constipatio ( Full Answer )
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Is mist in The Bible?

King James Version: Genesis 2:6 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. Acts 13:11 And now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon ( Full Answer )
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Why does mist float?

Mist is composed of very small droplets. The smaller an object is, the larger the ratio of surface area to volume. As a consequence, small objects become less influenced by gr ( Full Answer )
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What is a misting device?

The device is an orifice. An orifice is a very small hole. A water orifice is usually made from brass; and has many differentapplications, such as a long tube, with 10 or 12 o ( Full Answer )
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What is Mist lubricant?

Oil mistlubrication oils are applied to rolling element (antifriction)bearings as an oil mist. Neither oil rings norconstant level lubricators are used in pumps and drive ( Full Answer )