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How old is Misty?

It is said that Misty is 12 in the Manga/japanesse version of Pokemon but in the English version Misty is 10 years old. It really depends on what kind of version of Pokemon yo ( Full Answer )
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Who is Misty Lake?

Misty Lake is the editor for She also writes and does photography for the site as well. She has been running the website for about 7 years. Misty also does o ( Full Answer )
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Who sang misty?

Countless artists have sung Misty. I am trying to obtain a list of those artists. Any help would be appreciated.
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Who does Misty like?

its ash of course. you can see it through her actions. they areperfect for each other. Actually they aren't perfect for eachother Ash was friends with her but she liked someo ( Full Answer )
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How did misty die?

Misty didn't die in pokemon!!! but i did hear 4 months back that ash likes misty and misty likes him back and and ... they kissed!!!!!
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Why did misty leave?

Misty left the Pokemon series because her three sisters had won a trip around the world by winning third in a beauty contest, and since they are the Cerulean City gym leaders, ( Full Answer )
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Misty and ash?

i believe that ash and misty are a couple you can tell because when people see them fight they know that they have feelings for each other in the end they always blush in disa ( Full Answer )
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Will misty return?

yes.....she has to return.....she was the best character along with ash.....and was really the best
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What Pokemon does misty have?

She has quite a few Pokemon and they are all water-type, except forher Togepi she receives later on in the series. She has a Merril,Psyduck, Starmie (formerly Staryu), Seel, a ( Full Answer )
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How did Misty get pregnant?

Misty got pregnant because she and Ash made nice music together. I hope you understand what I mean by nice music. I am glad I answered this question 4 u guys. ur welcome ya kn ( Full Answer )
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What does misty mean?

Full of mist, or fog. Sometimes people use it to mean that their eyes are filling with tears. Sometimes it is used to mean vague and indistinct (This is probably what it means ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with misty?

Words that rhyme with misty include: . Corpus Christi . risky . whiskey Any word or two word phrase ending in 'key' would be suitablerhymes.
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Where is misty?

In Pokemon Soul Silver, she's north of Cerulean (go across the golden bridge, northwards.) You can't get to her until you beat the Team Rocket Grunt who stole the Machine Part ( Full Answer )
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Where to find Misty?

She is at the very end of route 25 above Cerulean City in Kanto. Shes with her boyfriends, and gets very upset when you disturb her date.
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How do you screw misty?

punch her, kick her. I wouldn't do that if I were you though cause she has a mallet. GASP!
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What is a misty day?

It is when the rain is barely coming down but the speed of it is slower then sprinkling
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Is misty a mermaid?

if your talking about misty from pokemon than no but she dresses like 1 though
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How do you find misty?

You need to first go to Cerulan City then go up to where Bill lives in the older games. Then you need to go past Bill's house and there you will see Misty.
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Was misty tickled?

Misty was indeed most likely tickled during her lifetime. This wasan event most likely to happen when she was a child.
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How do you get out of the city where misty is?

go north, talk to the pokémon in the house and then go to the computer and speak back to him. after that go back to the town and you'll find out that the police man who was ( Full Answer )
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Who is mistys boyfriend?

Misty doesn't have a boy friend, yet she is secretly in love with Ash. ^If you're basing off the games, the above statement is false. In the Cerulean Cape, Misty was seen f ( Full Answer )
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Where is Misty in SoulSilver?

Misty is located around Bill's House at the Cerulean Cape, but you won't find her until you finish solving the problem at the Power Plant.
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When does misty get threatened?

Misty gets threatened in the episode Here Comes the Squirtle Squad. She gets threatened to have her hair dyed purple unless Ash finished a task in 1 day. I know it's maybe not ( Full Answer )
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Where is misty in heartgold?

You have to go over the golden bridge, and defeat the 6 trainers that stand in the way, once you pass them continue forward until you find Bills house. Pass his house and go u ( Full Answer )
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How can you beat misty?

She has water types so you should go against her with two of you strongest Pokemon and fourgrass types .... that szhould work! ^__^
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Where do you find misty?

first go to power plant and talk to the manager and then find the team rocket grunt and finnaly misty is ready with her crew.
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Where can you find Misty?

Misty can be found at the cerulean city gym! ( After coming out from the cave.)
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How do you get misty to the cape?

you must go to the cape AFTER solving the power plant problem( get back the machine part). She is on a date with some dude and he runs away when he sees you and Misty is mad s ( Full Answer )
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Does Misty have a Torchic?

No. It was May who had torchic let me emphasize the had because its a blaziken now.
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Why doesn't misty look like misty from the anime series?

Sometimes, people don't like what they first saw, and so the designers of Pokemon obviously wanted a change. So in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, they took the chance to ch ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of misty in the song misty?

It was a horse in one of Marguerite Henry"s equestrian novels. Misty of Chincoteague, a beautiful palomino-like pony. Could refer to questionable moods or weather, also.
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Is misty a noun?

No, misty not a noun; misty is an adjective (misty, mistier, mistiest), a word that describes a noun. Example sentence: I love a misty morning .
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Who is Misty the Puggle?

Misty, aka, Franklin, Savage Pampas, Fatsticks McKenzie or just plain Pig, is our social distraction. Tan of color, Misty is a hybrid juggle pooch. She resides in sunny Saint ( Full Answer )
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What are the Misty Mountains?

A large and very high north-south mountain range. The river Bruinenor Loudwater is west of them and The Great River Anduin is to theeast of them.