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How do you invest in MITTS?

Many forms of MITTS (Market Index Target Term Securities) are traded on the stock exchanges. They are essentially index funds tied to the performance of stock or bond price in ( Full Answer )
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Who is Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney . Mitt Romney (R) is the former Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007) and a Republican candidate for President in the 2008 election. Previously, he was also dir ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between a softball mitt and a baseball mitt?

each mitt is designed for that particular sport. the major difference is the size of the pocket (surface area of anterior exterior portion aka. palm, fingers, & web), a baseba ( Full Answer )
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What is the significance of a first base mitt?

A first base mitt is a glove specifically designed for first base. It has a rounded edge (like a MITTen) and is considerably larger than normal fielding gloves. Also, it has a ( Full Answer )
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What is a catcher's mitt?

It is much thicker than any other fielder's glove, because it is used to catch very fast pitches (any where from 80-102 MPH). It is more round and short than a Outfield glove ( Full Answer )
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Is Franklin the best baseball mitt?

No, not at all, Franklin specializes in Batting Gloves, if you are looking for a good quality glove, then I would suggest brands such as Wilson (A2K), Rawlings (Pro Preferred) ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with mitt?

Using just three-letter words..... . bit . fit . hit . kit . lit . nit . pit . sit . tit . wit . zit . There are, of course, longer words which rhyme also.
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What is a punching mitt?

A punching mitt (also called a punch mitt or focus mitt) is used in boxing training to improve the aim and form of punches thrown. (see the related link)
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Is mitts a word?

The word "mitt" is short for "mitten" meaning that there are not individual fingers as in gloves. The plural is mitts. Mitts are used in : - baseball (catcher's mitt) ( Full Answer )
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What is a wash mitt?

The common wash mitt is a hand covering used in bathing, rather than a washrag. Sponges such as loofahs are similarly used. More rarely, there are mitts used for washing di ( Full Answer )
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Do forget and mitt rhyme?

The word "forget" only sounds like fergit in some regional and urban dialects. It usually rhymes with bet, set, and regret. The word "mitt" rhymes with bit, fit, and si ( Full Answer )
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How do you break in a mizuno catchers mitt?

Do not oil your Mizuno Catchers glove "GMP 20" as the leather isalready treated. First, put your glove hand inside the mitt andsqueeze, while at the same time use your opposit ( Full Answer )
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What office was Mitt Romney running for?

Mitt Romney ran for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts in 1994. He ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, and ran for President of the United States in 2008. He also has ( Full Answer )
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What is Mitt Romney educational background?

Mitt Romney went to public elementary schools. He attended Cranbrook School, a private boys prep school, from 7th grade through high school graduation. He then attended Stanfo ( Full Answer )
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What are Mitt Romney's grandchildren's names?

Mitt Romney has 15 grandchildren. I couldn't find all of their names but here is what I did find. Tagg and Jennifer's kids: Allie, Joe, Thomas Matt and Laurie's kids: 2 dau ( Full Answer )
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Where was Mitt Romney's father born?

Mitt Romney's father George W. Romney was born July 8, 1907 in inColonia Dublán, Mexico. He married Lenor LaFount in 1931 and theyremained married until he died in 1995.
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Is Mitt Romney a billionaire?

No. Mitt Romney's net wealth is estimated at somewhere between $190 and $250 million making him a millionaire.
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Why are oven mitts made of fabric?

The air spaces in fabrics reduce the conduction of heat from the heated surface to the user's hand. Fabrics are also more flexible than plastics or rubber.
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How do you use mitt in a sentence?

The word mitt is a large glove. To use it in a sentence you could say "Joey just got a new catchers' mitt", or "Mom is using an oven mitt". The word mitt is a large glove. To ( Full Answer )
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Where is the oven mitt in hidden staircase?

Look behind Rosemary. Go into the room. (the 1 with the front door in it). look inside the front door not in the closet a little to the left of that. voila!
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Why is Mitt Romney running for president?

Mitt Romney has a lot of business and some political experience and thinks that he can govern the country well while improving the economy.
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Where does Mitt Romney currently live?

Mitt Romney lives in Boston Massachusetts with his family. He and his wife, Ann, have five sons who range in age from thirty-seven to twenty-six years old.
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Is Mitt Romney from Texas?

No. Mitt Romney was born and grew up in Michigan, and later moved to Massachusetts, where he was governor.
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How will Mitt Romney create jobs?

He hasn't bothered to share that information with the American voters. He doesn't seem to be much into details. Will he create jobs?
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Is Mitt Romney conservative or liberal?

Mitt Romney is a moderate liberal. He has conservative views but iswilling to listen to the people and compromise to find a solutionthat most people can be happy with. Romney ( Full Answer )
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Why should Mitt Romney be president?

Because when the United States of America was with Barack Obama, over 700,000 American individuals lost their jobs to the Chinese. they lost their jobs to the Chinese because ( Full Answer )
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What is mitt short for?

The name Mitt is a given name, but may be short for Emmitt or Mitchell.
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When did Mitt Romney get his JD?

In 1975. According to Harvard University's JD/MBA alumni list, Mitt Romney completed the joint JD/MAB program in 1975.
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What does Mitt Romney want to change?

That everyone should work for a living. And womens rights basically. He wants to get rid of tampons, birth control, and abortion which is wrong! People might disagree with the ( Full Answer )
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Why does Mitt Romney go by mitt?

I would go by my middle name, too, if my first name were Willard, as is Mr. Romney's. Mitt is his real middle name.