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it is a capacitor created with a cmos transistor where the source, body and gate are tied together to ground and the drain is tied to the source voltage.
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What is mos?

MOS stands for military occupational specialty, its your job within the army, navy, marines, air force, etc. EX: combat engineer, Doctor, Accountant, Drill instructor, infantr (MORE)
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What does mos stand for?

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor, the 3 layers of material making the device: . Metal - the top layer, usually aluminum, interconnects the components of the IC. . Oxide - the mid (MORE)
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What is transistor mos?

Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Usually used when referring to a specific type of transistor which uses this type of semiconductor material: the Field Effect Transistor (FET).
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What is the MOS?

Military Occupational Specialty. Specifies what your function in the military will be.
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What is a MOS component?

MOS is an acronym for Military Occupational Specialty...or job specialty.
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What is mos 00F10?

00F would be the actual MOS. That specific one means immaterial in the National Guard Bureau. So basically, they may be qualified in a particular MOS, but are not serving in t (MORE)
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What MOS is 6111?

The MOS of 6111 is a basic helicopter/tilt-rotor mechanic trainee it basically means they are still in school and can become a number of different things within the aircraft c (MORE)
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How do you find out your MOS?

You should know your MOS when you enlist. If you enlisted prior to the reorganisation which occurred between 2001 - 2004, I could understand some confusion regarding one's own (MORE)
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What is the MOS 92f?

The 92F Mos is a petroleum supply specialist
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What is MOS 0811?

Field Artillery Cannoneer.
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How do you reclassify your MOS?

Which component you're in could make a difference here. Within the timeframe of your enlistment contract, it can be done in the reserve components, but the only options for ac (MORE)
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What is a 99Z mos?

a combat ninja that fight for evil
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What is the mos 25Q?

Multi-Channel Transmission System Operator Maintainer
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What MOS is 92Y10?

Unit supply specialist
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What mos is a 94B3H?

There is no MOS of 94B in the current organisation. It may have existed prior to 2004, but doesn't now. 94 is the Electronics Maintenence and Calibrations CMF, although it may (MORE)
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What is mo-ped?

A mo-ped is a hybrid motorcycle, bike and a scooter in one. It is made to go at low speed for more of city driving than highway and it require the use of a helmet.
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What is CE MOS?

Unfortunately, there is no available information on anything known as CEMOS. However, CMOS is a common computer term which stands for Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. (MORE)
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What is fanout of MOS?

DC fan-out A perfect logic gate would have infinite input impedance and zero output impedance, allowing a gate output to drive any number of gate inputs. However, since real (MORE)
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What is 11B30G MOS?

11B is for Infantry. 30 is for skill level of Staff Sergeant (E-6). G is an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) meaning Ranger qualified. You probably would not want to mess wit (MORE)
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What is the Mos for a colonel?

MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) refers to the job being done by the person, not their rank. Colonel is a rank, so there is no MOS for a Colonel. For the most part, the (MORE)
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What is MOS in army?

Military Occupational Specialty. I.e., your job in the Army.
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What is MOS Excel?

MOS can refer to a Microsoft Office Specialist. It is an exam to test you on different Office applications, which can be done individually. So there is a MOS exam for Excel. (MORE)
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What mos is 00F?

"MOS Immaterial" for enlisted personnel in the National GuardBureau. Take someone who goes the "split op" option, where they'llgo through Basic Training between their junior a (MORE)
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What is mos military?

MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty. You may hear MOS68F or something else. Each job is assigned a MOS.