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What is a mu?

Mu is the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet and looks like alowercase u with an extra bit dangling from the front. It istraditionally used in the metric system to denote .0 (MORE)

What is mu?

\nmu is the mobility(electrons or holes ) of the current carriers in the semiconductors. mu-e being electron mobility and mu-a being the hole mobility.

What is phi mu?

Phi Mu is the second oldest greek organization for women founded in 1852 at Weselyan College in Macon Georgia. Phi Mu is known as a "fraternity" because the word "sorority" wa (MORE)

What is a mu mu?

The name comes from the Robert Shea and Robert Wilton books, "The Illuminatus! Trilogy". Mummu (JAMs) were the underground and underwater anarchist group led by Hagbard Celine (MORE)

How do you get to mu?

i realized how to get to mu is simple just do what the ghost say if you start on the right go down and if you start down go to the right and if you start on the left go up if (MORE)
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Who wrote the um um um um um song?

you need to give more lyrics than that because there are more than one song that sounds like. Ahhh. Major Lance. I LOVE that song. (gonna play it right now while I'm answer (MORE)