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What is a muted trumpet?

A muted trumpet is merely a trumpet with a mute in the bell of the horn. The mute cuts the sound of the trumpet, making it easier to play indoors, without disturbing anyone. I (MORE)
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What kinds of trumpet mutes are there?

There are quite a few different mutes. Some of the most common are: straight mute cup mute bucket mute wah-wah mute (commonly called a Harmon mute, but Harmon is actu (MORE)
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How did you get muted on RuneScape?

Basically fowl language towards other players. Hurtful comments and that sorda thing. But do try not to get muted. and because you've been reported so that 10 trimes your acco (MORE)
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Mutes on brass instruments?

Mutes are actually NOT used to quiet the instrument. They change the tone of the sound. A straight mute will give an instrument a "tinny" sound, a cup mute will give it a "far (MORE)
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How to be muted in Halo 3?

It depends, if your wanting to know how to mute someone then just veiw the score board while in game playing match-making then scroll down, it says to press a certain button. (MORE)
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Why are you muted in RuneScape?

The reason you get muted in RuneScape is because if you get reported for offensive language use the Jagex mods/staff mute you for a number of days and you can only use quick c (MORE)
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What causes muteness?

Muteness can be caused by non-vibrating vocal cord a non functioning larynx or trauma
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What brass instruments use mutes?

The main brass instruments that use mutes are trumpets and trombones. Other brass instruments like the tuba are so big and the sound is so deep that they generally don't need (MORE)
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How are mutes used on a brass instrument?

Mutes are an addition to the instrument, you put them in at the bell of the horn, the mute has special grips to keep the mute from falling out. There are many different types (MORE)
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How do brass instruments use mutes?

Trumpets and other brass instruments use mutes in order to change the fefect of the sound. The sound goes from very loud, warm and round to much quieter and slightly sharper a (MORE)
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Why did habbo get muted?

because of me someone was talking inappropriate with me and i was so mad so i told the staff to mute it
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What is sentence for muted?

There was opposition to the policy but it was muted rather than overt or united.
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What is deaf mutes?

This is an old and a rather insensitive way to refer to people who have the challenge of deafness, usually profound or total deafness. Many such people cannot speak, or have g (MORE)
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How do you prevent getting muted on Runescape?

You will only get muted for a few things, and they are; . Offensive language (Racist or Obscene) . Discrimination . Threats . Bullying . Spamming Don't do any of thes (MORE)
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Could you get muted on youtube?

Sound can be removed from a Youtube video if the sound is not ownedby the maker of the video.