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What is a mute guitar?

Answer . There is no such thing as a mute guitar. However it is a style of playing. You play mute guitar by muting the strings by the bridge with the bottom of your hand.
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What is a mute?

A mute is someone that cant speak, Back in the days before political correctness, they were also often called "Dumb" meaning that they couldn't speak..
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How can you become mute?

stop talking. You can become mute it is called Selective mutism. It is an anxiety disorder or a person is most likely to be mute due to an traumatic event. This is most (MORE)
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How did you get muted on RuneScape?

Basically fowl language towards other players. Hurtful comments and that sorda thing. But do try not to get muted. and because you've been reported so that 10 trimes your acco (MORE)
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What is a mute used for?

Mutes change the sound from your instrument, for example making it more lyrical. The "hotel-room" style mutes are used to make the music quieter.
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What does a mute do?

Normally, it saves someone from swearing for E.G:sometimes on TV when people swear the sound goes off (muting) because children may be watching it.
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What does the mute on a trumpet do?

Using a mute with a trumpet, contrary to popular belief, does not just make the trumpet quieter. It changes the sound to fit a certain style of music. There are three main mut (MORE)
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Why are you muted in RuneScape?

The reason you get muted in RuneScape is because if you get reported for offensive language use the Jagex mods/staff mute you for a number of days and you can only use quick c (MORE)
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How do you mute your iPod?

simply turn the volume to the lowest and it would mute itself automatically.
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Was beethoven mute?

Beethoven was not mute, although he was deaf.
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Why is jak a mute?

your answer is: he never knows what to say. i mean what kind of guy would be a mute for no reason. also another 1 could be that NAUTY-DOG coud'NT find anybody to do the voice (MORE)
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Where is mute on computer?

Basically in the bottom right corner of your computer screen there is a button with an icon of a speaker , if you can't see it then go the arrow and click it , then click it o (MORE)
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Is there a mute for the viola?

Yes. Two major brands include Tourte and Glasel. They are sold at most major strings stores.
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What is a sentence for mute?

Mute-A person or animal without the power of speech Sentence:The swan was mute.
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How do you mute wolfquest?

you need to get off wolfquest go to the bottom right of the screen click the arrow that points to the left and look for the thing that looks like a speaker and click on it and (MORE)
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Can cows be mute?

One could only wish. Some cows are quieter than others, but no, not mute.
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Was Moses mute?

Moses supposedly was born to a Hebrew (Habiru) and, to save his life, was cast into the river in an ark of bullrushes, whence he was rescued by Pharaoh's daughter who was tric (MORE)
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Why is habbo mute?

habbo is mute because of innaproprite launguage being used. Congrats to the person who muted us(!) ^^^ Thats Wrong idk who put tht but habbo is muted cuz they said that some (MORE)
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Can you get out of mute in Minecraft?

Sounds like you might be on a server, to get around this simply log in with another Minecraft account, if you don't have one then you should follow the rules on the server to (MORE)