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Is it better to have a pit bul or a mut?

get a pit bull because their loyal and easy to train right from wrong and if you are the right type of pet owner it will protect you.
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What kind of dress did mut wear?

Ancient Egyptian women often wore simple sheath dresses called kalasiris; The dresses were held up by one or two straps and were worn down tothe ankle, while the upper edge c (MORE)
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What is Mut the god of?

Mut is the ancient Egyptian goddess of the queen, motherhood, andthe lady of heaven. A powerful creation goddess.
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Who is mut in ancient Egypt?

Mut was the ancient Egpytian goddess of the queen, motherhood,creation, and the lady of heaven.
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Who were the parents of mut?

The ancient Egpytian goddess Mut either self created herself or wasdaughter of Ra.
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Did mut have any siblings?

The ancinet Egyptian goddess Mut either created herself or was thedaughter of Ra; if a daughter of Ra, yes, she had siblings.
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Who was mut parents?

The ancient Egyptian goddess Mut either created herself, or wasdaughter of Ra.
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What does Nje mut mean in albanian?

Nje means one (the number one). Mut means Sh* t. Putting it all together, Nje Mut means A sh* t. It is often used when trying to say something is worthless, For instance if yo (MORE)
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Where did the goddess Mut live?

In the hearts and minds of her followers, Mut will always live... -That being said, the center of her cult was at Karnak. For more information regarding this ancient Egy (MORE)
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Who is mut?

a mut can be any thing. dont listen to me idk the answer but i think it that cause my friend said i have mut.
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How old is the Precinct of Mut?

It has been used, added to, or enhanced from the 18th Dynasty tothe Graeco-Roman Period of rule in Egypt.
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What does the latin stem 'mut' mean?

Mut means change. A mutt is a dog that has been changed. A mutation has been changed to make something else.
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What did mut were?

Mut was either depicted as a woman, sometimes with wings, or avulture, usually wearing the crowns of royalty - she was oftenshown wearing the double crown of Egypt or the vult (MORE)
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Who was mut?

The Egyptian goddess Mut was goddess of the queen, lady of heaven,motherhood and either self-created or a daughter of Ra.