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How can you pleasure a girl?

be nice to her and don't try getting her drunk or have sex with her on the first date!
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Is pleasure a sin?

Answer . No, pleasure is not a sin, it depends on what type of "pleasure" your talking about. Having sex then yes it is a sin outside of marriage. But God wants us to be ha ( Full Answer )
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How do you get pleasure?

You can get pleasure by inserting the whole penis in the vagina and pulling it in and out very fast over a longer span of time.
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"The Pleasure of Reading" is a Ezine Article by Maria Salud Sapayan. To read the article please see related link below!
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What is the pleasure of reading?

Reading is one of life's great pleasures. It can take you away toanother world, introduce you to people you would never have knownotherwise, and immerse you in places you migh ( Full Answer )
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How do you give him pleasure?

my boyfriend is paralyzed from the waist down due to an idiot shooter. hes more into sensual massages and kisses. this is when u learn the meaning of intimate
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How do you pleasure a lesbian?

As with any other human being, you start by asking her what turns her on -- what she would like you to do. Almost everyone likes things like massage, kissing, whispering "swee ( Full Answer )
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How do you pleasure your girlfriend?

ask her mum , if you acualy asked wiki answers on how to pleasure you gf you are screwed in life hahaha just make sure you dont spoof in her bed
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HOw to get pleasure?

if you and your partner, really like being with each other and making love ,to get the best out of it is that when you;ll are having sex put your mine on what you are doing. r ( Full Answer )
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How can you pleasure your boyfriend?

There's no one way to do it. It's important you explore each other. Try some stuff out and take in his reaction. Movement, sound...they're all cues. You have the obvious BJ bu ( Full Answer )
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Is Pleasure single?

yeah now that him and Miah Gamati broke up. yeah now that him and Miah Gamati broke up
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What are the pleasures of reading?

The list is very long. This is just a start and pertains mostly to reading fiction: . The entertainment of story. . Escape. Vicarious experience. . The pleasure of enjoyin ( Full Answer )
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How do you pleasure a virgin?

Very gently. Listen to her vocalizations, watch her body language and go from there, taking your time. Make this last for as long as possible in order to get her relaxed. let ( Full Answer )
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How do you pleasure your breasts?

One suggestion . Slowly lick and caress them and treat them like two little puppies in a shop.. Another suggestion . In my experience, women seem to like having their n ( Full Answer )
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Can spanking be pleasurable?

yep! I love spankings, especially hard and long but if you are being spanked or spanking the one being soanked should have the speed and length and hardness adjusted to make ( Full Answer )
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What is business pleasure?

A business pleasure is referred to as a perk. An example of a perkmight be the use of a spa or gym during the working day.
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Is anul pleasuring?

ANUL is the Association of National University Libraries. ANUL pleasuring would probably have to do with making a librarian happy by turning your books in on time. I suspect h ( Full Answer )
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What is pleasure reading?

It is when you read what you want to read, simply for the enjoyment of it. There are many who find great pleasure in the act of reading. Just because you do this doesn't mean ( Full Answer )
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What is Pleasure P?

that's a singer who sings- i did you wrong and was in the singing group pretty ricky
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What is Pleasure for a women?

love and sex both this things are a reason for a women to b pleasure when we sex the penis touch the utreus surface the women get pleasure...
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What is the pleasure in sex?

well the pleasure in sex is #1 it can relive stress and it feels god to some people
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What causes pleasure?

firin your lazar or shooping of the woop umm...pleasure is both psychological and physiological in nature. usually a combination of both; physical stimuli that is painful to s ( Full Answer )
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Why is poetry pleasurable?

Human beings take delight in all patterned activity: music, wallpaper, sport, even not walking on the cracks in the pavement. Noticing patterns releases serotonin (the pleasur ( Full Answer )
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Who has sex for pleasure?

Most people who have sex they have sex for pleasure. Sex can feel good so that is a main reason why people have sex. Sex is not just meant to reproduce (make babies) sex can b ( Full Answer )
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How can you get your boyfriend to pleasure you?

First communicate with him, you need to let him know your needs aren't being met. Many men lack the knowledge and the concern for the woman of the relationship, their tho ( Full Answer )
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Why is sex pleasureable?

It set's of a chemical that makes the mussels move witch makes the mind happy.
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How do you get a guy to you pleasure?

Try by telling him what turns you on. Or ask him what he wants you to do to him, and when your finished, coyly says its his turn. Squeezing his erection through his pants, ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to get more pleasure?

Take deep breaths of fresh air while taking long walks in the countryside and admiring the scenery!
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What is the adjective for pleasure?

The most common adjective is pleasant (tending to givepleasure), both deriving from to please . A common derivative adjective is pleasurable ( able toprovide pleasure , o ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the best pleasure?

Because this question is in the GLBT section of WikiAnswers, I assume you're talking about sexual pleasure. All of us are unique in some respects. Most of the nerves that tr ( Full Answer )
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What do men do for pleasure?

There is almost nothing that men do for pleasure that at least some women do too. The reverse is also true.
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What are pleasure quarters?

Pleasure Quarters are places where people went in Japan in the Edo Period to get sexual comfort
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Have the pleasure of or have the pleasure to?

The correct wording is based on the context of the statement, for example: I have the pleasure of advising our loyal customers... (continuous, ongoing) I have the pleasu ( Full Answer )
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What can I do for sexual pleasure?

Have sex, Masturbate or read & fantasize about it, For social development you might even try talking maturely with others about sex, rather than making crude comments & snicke ( Full Answer )