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What Song Goes-Mya heeMya HooMya Hoe?

It is actually called Dragostea Din Tei and is by the band O-Zone. You can watch it here...
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Where are myas bags in woozworld?

Rookie Quests, iVibe Centralz 1, Woozworld Plaza, OMZ, Booya, Park,Mountain, Fairy Chamber, Coconut Grove, and I'm pretty sure thereis one in The Late Night Show with Mya.
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Where is myas lost bags?

sea of tranquility vibe centalz fairy chamber woozworld plaza that's park omz booya that's all ie found
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What are myas bags on wooz world the website?

Rookie quest iVibe Centralz 1 Woozworld plaza Booya Park Mountain Fairy chamber Coconut groove OMZ Now in Surface they moved it from Sea of Tranquility