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Who is the publicist for mya?

Mya's publicity is handled by The Purple Agency, and her personalpublicist is Deryck Vanderbilt-Nicholson. Mya released her firstalbum in 1998.
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Does mya dance like a turkey?

Yes. But only when she eats a chicken sandwich, which is always. Once she got in trouble because she stood on the desk at school and started dancing like a turkey during class ( Full Answer )
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Is bizzy bone and mya going out?

no they are not going out. i read that he has a crush on mya that stood him up at his release party and she was on his thugz cry video. that's what i read.
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What does Mya mean?

M illions of y ears a go. and similarly, Gya for G iga y ears a go (~ Billion). This usage avoids the confusion between various folks definitions of billion etc. And ( Full Answer )
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What does Mya mean in Spanish?

Mya is a name in Spanish. It has no other meaning except as a name in Spanish.
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What is Mya Harrisons sexual orientation?

Mya Harrison's sexual orientation is not specifically mentioned inher biographies. That said, her known dating history only includesmen. Some of the men she has dated are DeSe ( Full Answer )
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Is Mya a nice name?

Mya also spelt Majia or Myia kind or sound like a hooker name but if you like it then thats good
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Is Mya in love?

There are rumors that singer Mya is dating DeSean Jackson. Myadated The Shocker from 1996-2000. Mya is known for her hits "Whoa"and "Cause of the Ex."
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Is mya the singer dead?

no mya is not dead. . i know she did not have an album out sence moodring in mid 2003. but she released two albums in japan. . Liberation - iTunes Japan Only . Sugar & Spic ( Full Answer )
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What nationality is mya?

The Rand B singer Mya's nationality is American. She was born in1979. The beautiful singer's ethnicity is African American andItalian.
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Is mya Egyptian?

Mya is an American singer, perhaps best known for her contributionto the hit "Lady Marmalade". She is of African and Italian descent.
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What does mya mean in Russian?

Nothing. It's not a recognizable Russian word. Try providing the context in which you saw this word used.
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Is mya a good name?

Mya is from Maia (Greek), and the meaning of Mya is "great; mother". A lovely name.
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Is Mya Jane breast real?

You mean to say are her breasts natural or did she cosmetically put implants? You answer is yes. Her large 36F breasts are all natural.
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Who is mya from elephant run?

Mya is a young girl who lives in Burma. She meets Nick Freestone in the book, Elephant Run. She wants to be a mahout, but she cannot.. according to tradition. She is the siste ( Full Answer )
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Is gucci mane going with mya?

I dont know iz gucci and mya official but they were caught together in a club: VIP. either they are freinds or they were there on a date...(oh idk) i wonder what they did when ( Full Answer )
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What is mya and kya?

I believe that mya is short for millions of years ago, whereas kya is short for thousands(the "k" stands for kilos) of years ago. Hope this helped XD
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Is messy mya gay?

no he said it on one of his videos and proved it on another with out trying to prove it so the last person that answered this was absolutely wrong but I'm not going to lie i t ( Full Answer )
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How did the mya die?

Well he started mess talking about some chick from hollywood than she said she wanted her round around messy mya back and messy mya had fourt one of her reltive and put it on ( Full Answer )
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Who is mya wooz?

Ignore the first answer, it wasn't exactly correct. Jenny Wooz, Max Wooz, Jay Wooz Are all animators this means they plan events, competitions and games. (They don't have ba ( Full Answer )
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Where are myas bags in woozworld?

Rookie Quests, iVibe Centralz 1, Woozworld Plaza, OMZ, Booya, Park,Mountain, Fairy Chamber, Coconut Grove, and I'm pretty sure thereis one in The Late Night Show with Mya.
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Who influenced Mya Harrison?

Her musical influences include Sade Adu, JanetJackson, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Prince,Chaka Khan, Minnie Riperton, & Madonna.
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How do you say mya in Japanese?

オオノガイ / oo no gai/ if you mean the type of mollusk. [ oo = twice elongated 'o' vowel sound]
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Where is myas lost bags?

sea of tranquility vibe centalz fairy chamber woozworld plaza that's park omz booya that's all ie found
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Do Scott Walterschied and Mya have a daughter?

Yes they do a girl. Think she is teenager prob fine like her mom,her dad is cute too. she is 18 attending brown university
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Where is mya wooz bags?

You Will Receive a Free Mannequin If U Complete 1. Rookie Quests - Near Something Not that Big 2. iVibe Centralz 1 - Behind Tanning Booth (Change Skin Color) 3.Woozworld ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce mya?

you pronounce it like my-yuh, so you have an "i" sound and a classic yard sounding "y" sound.
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Is Mya evil?

Yes. Mya is very evil, and has done many evil deeds. She is not to be trusted!
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Is Kailey or Mya Thompson older?

Kailey is. She was born at 11:58pm on 3/1/94 and Mya was born at 12:02 on 3/2/94
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Where mya wooz bags are on WW.?

1. Park 2. Sea of Tranqulity 3. IVibe Centralz 1 4. Booya 5. Rookie Quests 6. OMZ 7. Coconut Groove 8. Woozworld Plaza 9. Mountain 10. Fairy Chamber
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Which mya did dodo birds live in?

. The dodo ( Raphus cucullatus ) was a flightless bird endemic to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.
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What is the Email of Mya wooz in woozworld? she is so nice and gives you free wooz and she helps when you want to quit your woozworld account
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What is Mya Fallen famous for?

"Fallen" is a single by Mya, an American recording artist, and it was released on November 11 in 2003. Mya is famous for her top ten single "It's All About Me" and other well- ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase Mya songs?

There are multiple websites in which someone can purchase music. The two best and most commonly used websites are the website Amazon and Apple's itunes