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Can a virus cause myalgia for 3 months?

Several years ago, I developed joint aches and pains for several months following a parvo-virus infection. One of my children (a toddler at the time) had 5th's Disease and my ( Full Answer )
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What is myalgia nos?

Myalgia NOS is a billing code, not a medical diagnosis per se. It means muscle pain not otherwise specified in the billing code manual.
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What is the root word of myalgia?

my(o) is the rootword and algia is the suffix. Myalgia means muscle pain. - No. The root is alg-, meaning pain, distress. My(o)- is a prefix meaning muscle. The main element ( Full Answer )
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Is viral myalgia contagious?

Sometimes. Myalgia (pain in a muscle) itself is a symptom of various causes, such as injury, strain, many diseases, disorders, and infections, including bacterial or viral i ( Full Answer )
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What causes and what is Myalgia?

Myalgia is also known as another word for muscle pain. The causefor muscle pain is over-stretching and/or overuse of muscles ormuscle groups.