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What are milad raza qadri naat?

do u mean naats of Milad raza Qadri? if so u can type his name on you tube and his naats will com up.. if I've answered wrong to your question then so sorry..
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Is the use of music in naats and hamds is halal?

no haram the whole point MUSIC is haram is becuz of the instrumentsplaying same thing with naats and nasheeds like for example MaherZain's nasheeds would be classed as haram b ( Full Answer )
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Can a naat be in English?

A naat can be in any language, as Naat means '' A poem in praise ofprophet Mohammed ( may peace be upon him).
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Naat treatment what is it?

The "Naat" here may refer to N euroadaptogen A mino A cid T herapy. NAAT is a therapy which some researchers are evaluating as a treatment for substance abuse (alcohol ( Full Answer )
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Who is the first naat khwan in Islam?

I believe the first naat khwan was not a single person. It was a group of Medanese children who welcomed the Prophet(SAW) on his arrival from Mecca i.e. Hijrah. When Rasululla ( Full Answer )
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Is heal the world a naat?

The song is very self explanatory, it is about healing our world. It is in no way a Na`at.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Rishte-Naate - 1980?

The cast of Rishte-Naate - 1980 includes: Deepika Gopal Rajshekhar Chandramohan Tinnu Anand Kusum Ballal Shashikant Gangurde Dilip Gujar Ujwala Jog Sanjeev Kolte Sumanta Masta ( Full Answer )